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Dayak Bakumpai

Bakumpai are indigenous Dayak who inhabited along the banks of the river basin Barito in South Kalimantan and Central Kalimantan, namely from the city Marabahan, Barito Kuala until the city Puruk Cahu, Joyless Kingdom. Bakumpai tribe originated upstream from the former District Bakumpai whereas downstream is the settlement of Barangas (Baraki). North (upstream) of the former District is the District Bakumpai Mangkatip (Mengkatib) is a settlement of the Bara tribe Dayak Dayak tribe he or Mangkatip.Bakumpai tribe or tribes are descendants of Dayak Mangkatip Ngaju of Land Dayak.
According to the website "Joshua Project" Bakumpai interest amounted to 41 000 inhabitants.From Indonesian Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia The Dayak BakumpaiTotal population: approximately 41,000.Regions with a significant number of people:Barito Kuala regency, South Kalimantan: 20 609 (2000), Central Kalimantan, East KalimantanLanguage: Bakumpai, Ngaju Dayak, Malay Banjar, IndonesiaReligion: IslamNearest ethnic groups: Dayak Ngaju, Banjar
Bakumpai tribal populations in South Kalimantan on the 2000 population census by Statistics amounted to 20 609 inhabitants. In South Kalimantan, the largest tribe found in the district Bakumpai Barito Kuala some 18 892 inhabitants (in 2000).The genealogy of the tribe Bakumpai;Dayak tribes (ethnic origin), divided into large tribes (families):Sea Dayak (Iban)Land DayakApo Kayan Dayak / Kenyah-BahauDayak MurutDayak Ngaju / Ot Danum, divided 4 small tribe:Dayak MaanyanDayak LawanganDayak VillageDayak Ngaju, divided into several tribes of kinship:Bakumpai Dayak, etc.Comparison of the relationship with the Dayak tribe Bakumpai Ngaju, such as the Tengger tribe relationship with the Javanese.Ngaju Dayak tribe is the tribe to tribe Bakumpai parent.
Bakumpai tribe got a lot of cultural influences and language Banjar Banjar. There is also calling Bakumpai language as the language of Banjar Bakumpai. In a study on the various Malay language, Malay language called Banjar Banjar and languages ​​Language Bakumpai called Banjar Bakumpai.

I often find references on the internet about bakumpai Dayak languages, but I rarely get a suit like my wishes. Now I want to help my friends to gain knowledge of the language dayak bakumpai, where I will present examples Bakumpai language words.Now let's see what's all the words that Bakumpai language.Perhaps only partially, but I hope to help.
organ of the body:Head: TakulukHair: chaosEars: PindingEyes: MateNose: NoseCheek: cheekMouth: NyameGigi: Kasinge

butterfly borneo

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marabunta or borneo fire ants are the same as in the amazon?

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