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Remembering Van Der Pijl, A Dutch Founder cities in Kalimantan (Part 1)

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Remembering Van Der Pijl, A Dutch man , development man for cities in Kalimantan (Part 1)

Van der Pijl Young, before moving to Indonesia

Who would have thought, a condensed Borneo indigenous traditions, diversity, and this culture once had a powerful architecture of Dutch origin. He devoted his life with all the tenacity artsitektur to build cities in Kalimantan. Is Andries Dirk Willem Van der Pijl. Male Birth Brakel, Netherlands January 23, 1901. Then, How struggle in establishing the city and set it in Borneo? Here searches reporter Media Borneo, Ananda Prime Anwar.

In 1947, after the second year dikumandangkannya text of the Proclamation of Independence by Sukarno (the first President), developments and economic growth in Indonesia increasingly intensified. Did not go unnoticed, Borneo also was proposed to be the strategic location of the capital of Indonesia. That's because the coordinates of the center point of the Republic of Indonesia is located in Kalimantan. Precisely in Palangkaraya, Central Kalimantan.

Bung Karno when it wants a qualified in the field of urban planning and building. Inevitably as an engineering degree and has a broad understanding of the architecture, Van der Pijl was asked to come to Indonesia and settled for a long time. And the first city in coming is Balikpapan, East Kalimantan.

It did not last long time, Van Der Pijl who was then settled in London with his wife bloody Ambon, Anna Gaspers (1917-1994), his pregnant second child of Anna (He has a son from his first wife in the Netherlands and have two children also ), was born the youngest, Marijke Elizabeth on October 29, 1949 which tells the journey directly Papa (call Van der Pijl) to the author hirangputihhabang.wordpress.com. Accompanied by her husband, son Van der Pijl bloody Yogyakarta, Djodjok Rahardjo, housed in a private residence A Yani West Road No. 3 Banjarbaru. (At present the land and the house is being disputed by the automotive company and threatened destroyed, red). Sister of Marijke, Hj Andrea Cornelia, died in a Muslim state at the age of 65 years (1946-2011).

In 1950, Bung Karno on behalf of the Indonesian government gave preference to Van der Pilj to take care of his nationality. Being a citizen of Indonesia (citizen) or return to the Netherlands. "Because if not, we are a family probably will not stay in Banjarbaru like this now," said Marijke tell.

Fortunately, this time Van der Pijl not have time too long to get their citizenship status. Van der Pijl menjadin civil servant and served as head of Public Works (MPW) dry civilians in South Kalimantan. The tempo of Employees in the realm of engineering is divided into two areas: Civil Civil Dry and Wet. Dry Civil specifically address the problems of infrastructure and housing construction. Civil While Wet handle various construction, bridges, drainage and irrigation. Although as Civil Dry Van der Pijl a total artsitektur.

"Not only draw and construct buildings, from drainage, road distance of the city, and all arranged papa with an accurate calculation," said Marijke. For that reason, he was visited by people from the Association of Indonesian Arsitekt to gave awards and rave reviews for Van der Pilj.

In the reign of the Governor Dr. Murjani (1950-1953), on the orders of Bung Karno, Van der Pijl has settled with his family in Kuripan Road No. 1 Banjarmasin. "At that time, the Governor Murjani who led apple morning, very restless and nervous look Banjarmasin ground state is often submerged in water. Especially when the rains come. Governor Murjani was thought to immediately move the capital of South Kalimantan that time. Because soil conditions in Banjarmasin already too prone to flooding, "said Djojok.

Governor Murjani also take a stance. He ordered the Head of Public Works, Van der Pijl looking plateau region. With sincere intention and devotion loyal to the government in South Kalimantan, Van der Pijl headed east of the city and find areas that are high berdataran in Banjar. Is Mount Apam. (continued / ananda perdana anwar)

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