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Welcome to Borneo Discovery Tours Indonesia



Borneo Discovery Tours, experienced handling clients from all over the world more than 20 years to organized to visiting the endagered species of wild orangutans, at Kutai National Park, Samboja Lestari Orangutan, Treeking Sungai Wain Balikpapan, Bukit Bengkirai Canopy Walk, Mahakam river tours, observation, Cultural & Educational tours, Banjarmasin Floating market tours, Bamboo Rafting tours, Tanjung Puting National Park, Overland tours east to south Borneo, cross Borneo expeditions tours, Treeking, Sightseeing, City tours, Study Tours, Eco-adventure trip in Borneo Indonesia. Our enviromentally-friendly tour packages are designed for people who like to experiences adventure activities, wildlife's, exploring the local cultures, and learn about nature and environment. We handling free individual travelers and group incentive travelers.

Borneo Discovery Tours, follow the responsible travel guidelines which are designed to prevent business couse as little damage as possible to the area, in which we operating, and exploring. Minimazing negative effects on environment and social, but also have positive impact to community. More than that, we actively seek to provide benefits to the environment and local peoples. This means that as more common practices like, for example, reducing and recycling waste, plant the tree's and Save the Water and the Sustaning the Rainforest through the campaigns to everybody who was involve in tourism industries. We recruits staff locally in order to ensure that the local economy also gains from tourist revenue. We were supported by professional staff that experienced in tourism industries that made us able to provide excellent services to our clients.

Our Values
We are committed to continuously and proactively improving the quality of our services by constantly enhancing existing tours and developing new tours.
Value: We offer tours with the best combination of price and quality.
Enjoyment: We strive to create a fun, informative and enthusiastic tour environment our tour members look forward to participating in each day.
Culture: Our tours are tailored to break down as many barriers to the lifestyle, customs and traditions as possible to allow the maximum exposure and experience.
Honesty and Integrity: All business is conducted in a forthright and trustworthy manner, and all business practices will be consistent with our Mission and values.

About Borneo Indonesia !
Borneo Indonesia consist of the four province, east, south, central and west kalimantan.

*East Kalimantan (Balikpapan, Samarinda) 
*South Kalimantan (Banjarmasin)
*Central Kalimantan (Palangkaraya, Pangkalanbun)
*West kalimantan (Pontianak)

Let's go together to protect the "Biodiversity" in Borneo Island
Borneo is very rich in biodiversity compared to many other areas. There are about 15.000 species of flowering plants with 3.000 species of trees (267 species are dipterocarps), 221 species of terrestrial mammals and 420 species of resident birds in borneo. It is also centre of evolution and radiation of many endemic species of plants and animals. The remaining Borneo rainforest is the only natural habitats for the endangered Bornean Orangutan. It it also an important refuge for many endemic forest species. The Worl Wildlife Fund divides the island into seven distinct ecoregions. The Borneo lowland rainforests cover most of the island, with an area 427,500 Km2.
and researchers scouring swamps in the heart of Borneo island have discovered a venomous species of snake that can change its skin color. Scienties named their find the Kapuas mud snake, and speculated it might only occur in the Kapuas river drainage system. World Wildlife Fund has stated that 361 animal and plant species have been discovered in Borneo since 1996, underscoring its unparalleled biodiversity. In the 18 month periode from July 2005 until December 2006, another 52 new species were found. 

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PROMOSION : Sebangau National Park Wild Orangutan Walks

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