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Tradition Long Ears

CALL tattoo art, many tribes in the archipelago that has this tradition such as the Dayak tribe, Mentawai, and Papua. However, the tradition of long ears, only the Dayak tribe in Kalimantan, which has a tradition of this unique and special. That was not all Dayak tribes, but only a few subsuku certain Dayak.
EVEN become one of the characteristics or identity that is very prominent as the original inhabitants of Kalimantan, but the tradition is now even more abandoned. Even if there are to survive, only a small proportion of the older generation Dayak groups aged over 60 years.
Apart from very few in number, those who come from long-eared leaves the end of deliberately cutting their ears. The reason that is often noted, the fear of being out of date or worry their kids feel ashamed.
According to anthropologist Mering Ngo, who also comes from the Dayak tribe, if a traditional Dayak tattoos now evolved into modern tattoo art, tradition long ears even more submerged and abandoned. There are no young people today who carry on this tradition, even though in the interior of Borneo, with a variety of reasons.
"Just me just who made the long ears. Seventh my child, one whose ear was no longer made," said Pejung (82), citizen Kayan Dayak tribe whose ear is made up of about 15 centimeters long.
"I'm sorry if my children will be ashamed and ridicule. In fact, long ears must begin to do since I was a baby," added Pejung.
According Mering Ngo, besides there is no successor to preserve the tradition of long ears, nor do all groups or subsuku Dayak of Kalimantan have long ears of this tradition. In West Kalimantan, for example, the tradition of long ears, among others, known only among the Dayak Iban, Kayan, Parks, and Dayak Punan. This tradition was mostly only applicable in rural areas as in Kapuas Hulu.
A long ears is not only done on women, but also in men. Making long ears are usually done since she was a baby. The objective, according to Mering Ngo, associated with the classification of one's social strata in society.
In the Dayak Kayan, for example, making long ears showed people were from the nobility.
As for making the long ears on women shows he was a nobleman at once to distinguish the women who become slaves because of losing the war or unable to pay debts.
Another with the villages in the Upper Mahakam River. Ear length is used as an identity to show one's age. Once the baby is born, the tip of the ear beads given enough weight. Each year, the number of beads attached to the ear grow one.
"Therefore, if you want to know the age of a person, can be seen from the number of beads attached to the ear. If the number is 60, then age must be 60 years since the installation of the bead can not be done haphazardly, just once a year," said Jacobus Bayau Lung , Chairman of the East Kalimantan Dayak II Fellowship.
The purpose of making the long ears was not to show the status of nobility, but rather to exercise patience. "Just imagine, how hard beads that hung on the ear. But, as it is used every day, patience and a sense of their suffering to be trained," said Bayau Lung.
Meanwhile, among the Dayak Kayan, for a long ears, ears are usually given a ballast of metal circular ring-shaped kazoos or small size. With this ballast will continue elongated earlobe up to several centimeters.
While the Dayak Iban, not given such weight, but only allowed to look like a big hole like if we make the number zero by integrating the tip of the thumb with the tip of the index finger.
In Sungai Dusun Utik, Apan Village, District Embaloh Hulu, Kabupaten Kapuas Hulu, for example, found a Dayak Iban named Tuba.
The old man was aged around 68 years elongate ears around the 60's when migrated to Sarawak and Brunei Darussalam. There he was in addition to lengthening the ears also make a tattoo on the neck, arm and thigh.
Customary Law Professors Tanjungpura University Prof. Dr. John Cyprian Thambun Anyang states, the tradition of long ears Dayak Iban Dayak Park is almost equal to that do not provide ballast.
"In the Garden Dayak, long ears tradition was not associated with certain social strata. This tradition is especially for women only as keperempuanannya identity," said an expert of this customary law.
But, said Thambun, this tradition has been abandoned Taman Dayak community. "My mother just exactly as it comes to Pontiac when it asked for the tip cut off ears for fear that their children will be embarrassed," he said.
According Thambun, elongate ear is just one tradition of decorating the body. The tradition of other Dayak tribe is to make the tattoo and put gold teeth. However, the three traditions of decorating the body, the only tattoo that still survive despite the loss of its spiritual meaning. While making the long ears and put the gold tooth had been left behind.
"The tradition of installing gold teeth for the Dayak Park to show the relevant already wander far, for a nice gold teeth only in Sarawak and Brunei Darussalam," he said.
Starting when the tradition was abandoned long ears?
According Mering, it is not known exactly, but it is expected the same with the tradition of the tattoo when I started the entry of missionaries into remote areas in the Dayak village in the Dutch colonial era first.
This tradition was further eroded out during a confrontation between Indonesia and Malaysia in Kalimantan border area. It was developed stigma in society, those who leaved long ears and live in long houses, inhabited by several families, a community group that is not modern. Not resistant to such views, eventually some people cut off the ear length.
The stigma of this kind continued until now. Dayak among the younger generation no longer willing to make long ears for fear of being considered obsolete and not modern.
Only a minority of the Dayak people who still adhere to the tradition of ear leaf length, and even then the amount is very minimal. 

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