Oil Swallow Swamp Land, porpoises Mahakam flee Food Shortage

By Hendar (Contributor East Kalimantan), November 4, 2012 11:58 pm

A dolphins were found dead on October 10, 2012 last. Photo: Hendar

Allegedly due to land conversion to oil palm swamp in the Muara Pahu, porpoises habitat Mahakam (Orcaella brevirostris) experienced a massive migration to the estuary Muntai, it described Ivan Yusfi Noor, Karyasiswa Kemenhut IPB Bogor, which conducts research on the conservation S3 Mahakam Irrawaddy.

According to Ivan Porpoises Mahakam or in the English language are called Irrawaddy dolphin initially many encountered in the estuary Pau West Kutai District, about 10 years ago, but now Pesut Mahakam prefer to move to the lower reaches.

"I'm not sure because it is still doing research, but there are likely changes in land conversion to oil palm swamp, resulting in smaller fish being the main food porpoises disappeared, so that the porpoises are now more often found Muntai Estuary region," said Ivan now in contact Mongabay Indonesia last week.

S3 students IPB Bogor was almost a month ago, October 10, 2012, found a young dolphins with female sex, were killed in the river in the estuary Muntai. Ivan found a tail dolphins were floating and fishing nets are meshes marks on the neck and tail.

"Another young dolphins died rengge or nets, unfortunately, experience is not at all expected, I found the dolphins died while doing research actually done to try to preserve these animals," said Ivan.

In the event, for the first time 30 head dolphins appeared in the estuary Muntai who was in the position of low tide. To 30 dolphins tail looks as if it is trying to help young dolphins are killed by hit the net and is recognized motorist called Udin who helped research Ivan. "For the first time I saw porpoises Mahakam appeared about 30 individuals and this is the first time of many times I bring guests or researchers," Udin said a local resident.

According to Ivan from the data in 2010 and the number of porpoises Mahakam about 87 tails, but is expected to decline because of recent've had three dolphins found dead from rengge, or nets. "I'm not sure how many dolphins, the latest data certainly about 87 tail in 2010, and is currently not in the know there is a decrease or increase," said Ivan.

Meanwhile, one resident in the area of ​​Muara Kaman, named Ayek when met Mongabay Indonesia claimed a week earlier, during the 40 years he was in the village who has a history of this kingdom of Kutai, only to discover two dolphins died from exposure rengge.

"At Muara Kaman is only two times I found the dolphins were dead and it was all exposed rengge. But not because of the people who kill, but by mistake, the community also needs a livelihood from the merengge, while freshwater dolphins eat fish that need, "said Mr. Ayek that have small diner right on the banks of the Mahakam River, Region Muara Kaman.

Mahakam Irrawaddy today can be found in the estuary Muntai and Muara Kaman. But according to Ivan, they are not two distinct groups. "Currently porpoises can be found in the estuary Muntai and Muara Kaman and the two are not two different groups of dolphins, because dolphins have a cruising far enough," said Ivan.

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