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Borneo is set aside for the lungs of the world

By Sri Lestari  (Produser) : http://www.bbc.co.uk/ 
Orang utan

Destruction and illegal logging often occurs Conservation

potential for conflict

Observer Mulawarman forestry from the University of East Kalimantan, Yaya Rayadin, said the involvement of local governments is very important because relative to clarify theconservation area and also the economy.

He explained all this potential conflict of interest in the determination of the conservation area occur in a number of areasin Kalimantan.

"There are different concepts for different interests, on the otherconservation areas but also high potential for coal, it is also the potential for conflict is high, as an example of Kutai National Park," said Yaya.

But Yaya mention the concept of integrating the conservation areais the right choice for the preservation of biodiversity are ownedisland of Borneo.

"Most important is the variation of specified areas forconservation, and represent ecosystems in areas such asKalimantan peat swamp and lowland prioritize, because lowlandsare richer in biodiversity," said Yaya.

Government according to Yaya, has been a lot more sets of the highlands as a conservation area such as the Heart of Borneoprogram, whereas the biodiversity in the region less than thelowlands.

According to Yaya, in addition to the determination ofconservation areas and protected forests, the central governmentshould also provide a budget to protect the conservation area,which has been vulnerable to vandalism, such as forest fires,illegal logging and hunting animals.

So far, the budget for security and protection of conservation areas is only about U.S. $ 4 or less than 40,000 per hectare peryear, while the ideal is U.S. $ 50 per hectare per year.

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Orang Utan Killied Case Should Be a Lesson For Oil Palm Plantation Busines

 orang utan 

The case of the killing of orangutans in the Kutai, East Kalimantan, should be a lesson for entrepreneurs Oil palm plantations in Indonesia. Oil palm entrepreneurs also had to prove not as environmentally destructive, but it has a large commitment in maintaining the continuity of natural resources and ecosystems.
“Do not let happen again. We strongly agree the process of criminal homicide orangutan completed. But the important thing is not sharpening the problem, because the impact can be dangerous. Concerning the continuity of investment until the fate of the oil palm growers, “said Chairman of the Association of Indonesian Palm Oil (GPKI) Joefly J Bahroeny in a release received by AFP in Jakarta, Wednesday (11/30/2011) night.
Joefly also testified, in dealing with legal issues in the case of destruction of the environment, ecosystems, nature conservation and biodiversity oil palm plantations are done to be seen case by case basis, and not generalized. “Do not let such a case involving oil palm plantations, and then generalized and extended to the issue everywhere. If because of sheer pique, without thinking of the consequences, then the attacks on the oil palm industry could have an impact on the stagnation of investment, “he said.
According Joefly, the government is necessary firmness in enforcing the legislation, including control over the impact of the expansion or opening up new fields of oil palm plantations, while ensuring the commitment of employers of palm oil for the survival of biological resources and ecosystems, as mandated by Law No. 5 of 1990 on Conservation of Natural Resources and Ecosystems.
Meanwhile, the oil palm plantation PT Khaleda Agroprima Malindo (KAM) to admit, since the opening of plantation area in the village of Puan smacking, District of Muara Kaman, have a standard operational procedure (SOP) handling of the environment, biodiversity and pest eradication. Including how the handling of animals that fall into protected categories, such as orang-utans.
“We request that this case be handled objectively and fairly. Do not immediately politicized and extends to things that are not relevant. Need we assert, there is no policy from the company to the killing of orangutans, but required to report to the BKSDA (Natural Resources Conservation Board) local, “said Attorney PT KAM Dalmasius.
According to him, cases of killings of orangutans in the area of his client’s estate is recognized as the momentum of negative campaign against the behavior of the industry players oil palm plantations in Indonesia. Therefore, the course of treatment without the politicization of law is needed, so as not to disturb the investment climate of national oil palm industry, both of which came from overseas and domestic investors.
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Weekend Kahayan River & Rungan Adventure

Weekend Tour Packages to the Kahayan River in Central Kalimantan Province of Indonesia Borneo Island to explore the wealth of ecological and cultural treasures that survive deep within the rainforest jungle of Indonesia ’s largest island. Central Kalimantan ’s dense jungle and wide terrain of wetlands have traditionally kept the region isolated from all but the adventurous travelers, and along the upper reaches of the Kahayan, Katingan and Rungan rivers, you can discover the rich Dayak Culture. The indigenous Dayak settlements along the Rivers is an ideal way to experience the incredible culture. At Tangkiling National Park you can enjoy a sightful experience of traditional culture and grand diversity of exotic flora and wildlife from black orchids to fresh water dolphins and orangutans, and venture ashore for captivating jungle explorations and unforgettable encounters in our village visits. Join us for a once-in-a-lifetime exploration of the Kalimantan Island!

The Kahayan River Adventure Tour Expeditions are a collection of exploratories and Indonesia dream destination journeys that reflect the particular passions and favorite places. We created the Borneo adventure tours for those who search a indigenous Dayak Culture in the deep dense jungle with it's exotic flora and fauna. Borneo travelers will have an unforgettable experience trip in Indonesia, however, it is designed for those who are adventurous in body and spirit. 


Tour Package Duration 03 Days / 02 Nights

Arrive direct from Jakarta and travel by air conditioned bus to the Rahai’i Pangun. Stop along the way to Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation’s Rehabilitation Centre. Guest will learn about their work and to see a group of orphaned babies being rehabilitated to the wild. Later, after a short bust trip, make yourself at home in your comfortable cabins, and later Join us on the viewing deck for a welcoming drink and begin your journey along the forest-lined rivers. 

At dawn, the energetic can climb nearby Mt. Tangkiling. From the summit, watch the forest mist gradually thin out to reveal the sleepy hamlet and the river glistening among the trees. Return to the boat for another delicious fresh brewed coffee and breakfast, as we continue up the Rungan. Watch out the orangutan, macaques, elusive proboscis monkeys, gibbons and langurs, as well as dramatic birdlife—gliding fish eagle and the curious hornbill. We continue to a traditional village for a Dayak welcoming ceremony. Be their honored guest, as theiy introduce many of their livelihood activities, from hulling rice, to carving their machete handles, weaving rattan mat and bags, to building canoe and drying fish, stroll through their village to see traditional fruits and product of the forest, including the fame durian, and rare and expensive perfume vine. Our quiet mooring is adjacent a black water lake. Leave the boat in the evening by canoe, and quietly enter the lakes, using the torchlight to spot nocturnal animals. 

Wake up in the early morning optional fishing excursion, joining local fisher folk in the nearby black water lake. The boat then return to Tangkiling for transfer to the airport, for your return to urban jungle of Jakarta. 

* Optional off boat excursions extra
Option 1 : Visit Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation
Option 2 : Mungku Baru Village optional activities with local community
-Visiting ladangs, subsistence livelihood crops 
Option 3 : Malahoi Longhouse Tour


Tour Package Duration 03 Days / 02 Nights

Enjoy a traditional local meal of grilled fish, and travel by air conditioned coach to your resort hotel, Kalimantan Meeting Centre. Check in and enjoy the swimming pool or the tennis court, have a traditional massage (optional) , an expresso on the terrace or a stroll to the local village through the forest. Evening meal at leisure.

Rivers remain the traditional highways of Kalimantan, as few roads penetrate the jungles. Set off early morning to glimpse hornbills, eagles, kingfishers and perhaps even a proboscis monkey along the forested Rungan River. Travel by fast speedboat to a traditional village and stroll through to see the unique livelihoods of villagers. Choose to have a snack on the floating restaurant. Return to KMC and have your afternoon at leisure.

After your breakfast, the coach will take you to visit the Borneo Orangutan Survival Rehabilitation Education Centre to enjoy the antics of orphaned orangutans. Entry is by donation. Later return to KMC for lunch and departure to the airport at 1pm

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Communities in the Upper Ot-Danum Kahajan (ch.1)

Puruk Sandukui Muller Mountains located in Central Kalimantan (c) Mansyur Geiger.

In a childhood dream, I never imagined could be an adventure to see the beauty and uniqueness of the island of Borneo. Not once did I think going through the woods, down the river, past the mountains, sleeping with an isolated village after village, tasting food taken from a material that feels weird on the tongue, kelotok climbing, swimming in crystal clear river, especially hearing the diverse languages . I am very grateful to be able to enjoy God's creation is incredible. If the year 2010 and then I tell you a lot about a memorable trip along the river upstream Barito, in 2011 this is a collection of stories from the upstream river Kahayan.

Exploring the Heart of Borneo Kahayan upstream side, precisely along the Miri river, a branch of the river Kahayan. Here live the descendants of Ot-Danum (Ot means Hulu, Danum means water / river). Most end of the village named Harowu, river water is very clear. But I want to tell you about this region as a whole first, on the origins of their unique legend. In the next chapter I shall tell new people in this village lives, livelihoods, their dreams are also wonderful places like Batu Suli and Sandukui.

Together with co-workers over the first mejeng getek (water bus) with a background of Batu Suli.
 Traversing Mountains and Mount Our journey begins from Palangkaraya city (the capital of Central Kalimantan), Kuala The period leading up the car with mileage of less than 4 hours. The period is the capital Kuala Gunung Mas. Maybe the name of Gunung Mas because his Wilaya surrounded by mountains and lots of gold produced. The fact is many people here as well as migrants who work illegally taking gold. The period from Kuala proceed up the 4WD cars, car cuman heavyweight because this car is able to pass through unpaved terrain, the roads are not owned by the State but owned by HPH (Logging Company). We climbed the strada husband tumbles Masukih Bu Kades.

Do not wonder, even in isolated areas, people here can afford to buy a car strada result of mining for gold. From Kuala The period until tumbles Napoi, Manasa Miri District village to within 4-6 hours, our trip longer because the car was in service at the garage.

The village is named Tumbang Napoi. 25% of the population still adhered Kaharingan, 5% diverse Muslim, and most Christians embrace. Since our arrival in December, the Christmas atmosphere here is very thick, it feels busy, busy moms cooking and churches filled with many activities. The village has a very clear water, the forest was still very dense, it is not difficult to find ironwood.

What caught my attention just a legend attached to the communities along the river Miri and this Kahayan. Yes, the legend of the origin of Ot-Danum tribe who sailed downstream inherit today. Dayak people believe that their ancestors came from the sky down to earth with a container of gold in four places, one in Peak Hill Pamatuan, a plateau between headwaters and streams Kahayan Barito. Stomach is one of the first ancestors created, through which the family is the offspring Gastric later famous for its habitat is located diperhuluan big rivers namely river Barito, Kahayan, Kapuas and Katingan called Ot Danum.
Many Dayak people of Caucasian descent mistaken for china. But the real story began from Sempung, the oldest child who learns stomach to China. Indeed many versions, some say that Sempung was the Chinese who sailed to Borneo, but there is a story which says that only a Dayak Sempung a study on Chinese soil. Chinese manuscript mentions the landing of a group of tribes.

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