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Remembering Van Der Pijl, A Dutch man , development man for cities in Kalimantan (Part 2)

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Remembering Van Der Pijl, A Dutch man , development man for cities in Kalimantan (Part 2)

The Devout Catholic, a heavy smoker, and Being Treasurer Mosque

Banjarmasin conditions that often floods when it could hardly tolerated. So firmly Governor Murjani ordered Head of Public Works of South Kalimantan, Van der Pijl, looking plateau region. Van der Pijl headed east of the city of Banjarmasin are approximately within 35 Km. Then he was residing in the territory w is the plateau, Mount Apam, Banjar, which in turn called Banjarbaru.

The struggle is not easy, Banjarbaru name also had a protest from various backgrounds who knows of any party. "It is also because there are people who are allergic to the Netherlands. Approximately 1970. Then had wanted to be abolished and replaced. But fortunately, the efforts made our family sad it's over. And has begun to subside in late 1977, "said Marijke to the author.

So after that, Along with the development and construction are being encouraged by the government through the Governor of South Kalimantan Province Murjani supported the recommendations of Bung Karno as President, Van der Pijl began aggressively designing and calculating points susceptibility region is spared flooding in the rainy season. Construction began with the building office buildings, roads, and housing. Banjarbaru was divided into four regions, Banjabraru I, Banjarbaru II, Banjarbaru III, and IV Banjarbaru.

Smoking and Minun coffee when drawing

Van der Pijl daily did not escape her modesty. "Papa is a good man, smiling, but very disciplined soul of every aspect. Very loyal and serious work. Activities at home must also follow what Papa said. Including dinner with the routine. It must be remembered, if not go home at dinnertime, certainly scolded. If in the name of Islam may eat congregation, yes !!! "Marijke said, smiling.

Besides that, Van der Pijl accustomed to spend his evening with a relaxing sit on the porch with hot tea segalas. And he upholds the Indonesian language in everyday life. "We are at home is always accustomed to speak Indonesian. And it also Papa asked. Therefore, until now I do not really know the Dutch language, "said Marijke.

Even so, Van der Pijl occasionally use the Dutch language when talking with his wife, Anna Gaspers. Told the law, Djojok, Van der Pijl fairly heavy smoker. "Dad was a smoker. Kansas cigarette brand and Quil. Cigarettes are the most famous and high quality at the time. He also coffee drinkers. Especially in the building design drawing and writing, "he tells.

Reforming the Capital City of Palangkaraya To Become RI

Not to mention the fully completed development in Banjarbaru IV, Van der Pijl was ordered back by the president to build Palangkaraya, Central Kalimantan, to planning the transfer of the capital of Indonesia from Jakarta to Palangkaraya at the end of 1950. "We have been given by the government vessel to cross to Palangkaraya . To get there we are a family along the Barito River takes 2 days. So suffice it inside the ship there are two bedrooms and a kitchen for the purposes of emergency. Our area was called Kampung Pahandut, "said Marijke.

As in South Kalimantan, Van der Pijl also served as Head of the Civil Public Works Dry. And there, Van der Pijl build Palangkaraya from government offices, the main access road urban housing. Unfortunately, towards the end of 1961, Van der Pijl find retirement. Until that is where the work of Van der Pijl in Palangkaraya. The buildings of the design also has its own characteristics such as small rocks mixed granite combined in such a way are often found on the lattice walls of the building.

"So not long after Dad retired, we return to this home. A Yani West road No. 3. The house inhabited by four generations, Papa Van der Pijl, me as a child, then my children, and my grandchildren, "he said.

Although somewhat retired, Van der Pijl not get retired civil servants, as it should, as a civil servant IVF group, the highest office of the period. "Back then it takes care of all the administration and his correspondence should be to Jakarta. No sapeserpun the pension fund up to Papa. Whether there is any game of the above officials we do not know. In the end, Papa determined to establish a School of Mechanical Engineering (STM), and the National Academy of Engineering (ATN). It has been planned to be built at the back of this house, "said Djojok show.

This, he explained, had also taken care of after the death of Van der Pijl, a retired widow funds. But at that time the family back given the choice. If you want a retired Van der Pijl, then no retired widow. "So we decided to take care of his widow pension funds. Yes, fortunately can be deemed to have, "he said.

Van der Pijl also established cinema in the middle of the market environment. His name cinema 'Simple'. In connection with that also he also founded the cinema in Pelaihari, Tanah Laut. "Yes, now is not there anymore. If you are in Pelaihari located next to the football field Hasan Basri. Perhaps now it is broken so settlements, or other facilities, "Djojok story.

Her patience in writing and arithmetic intelligence in making Van der Pijl believed mosque management committee only in Banjarbaru, ie as treasurer. At the request of Zam-zam Zafry and his friends that period.(continued/ananda perdana anwar