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Wild adventure - Central Borneo island

want adventure in the wild and still a virgin! the place .......?

Central Kalimantan province with total area of 153 564 square kilometers, has the potential of natural resources for tourism sector is overwhelming. Because, from all over the region there are 126 200 square kilometers or about 82.1 percent of the swampy area 18 115 square kilometers or 11.8 percent, to rivers, lakes and swimming pools of 4563 square kilometers, or 3 percent, and other area of 4868 square kilometers, or 3.1 percent.

With the desert was so great, then the potential of nature tourism in Central Kalimantan is very large. In addition, Central Kalimantan Province which consists of 13 counties and one city is equipped with 11 large river 175 miles long between until it reaches 900 kilometers. Almost all districts have the potential of nature tourism which consists of forests, swamps, rivers, beaches and so forth.

In the West Kotawaringin (Kobar) there Tanjung Putting National Park (TNTP), the region with the motto "Marunting Batu Aji" also has a long coast for more than 200 kilometers. Then the National Park in County Home Knives Sabangau.

In Palangkaraya is the natural attractions of the river fence Kahayan, Tangkiling Hill, Lake Tahai and Arboretum. In this district there is a tourist attraction Gunung Mas Natural Stone Mahasur tejun water in Kuala Period, Batu Suli Kahayan river. In East Kotawaringin there Pandaran Edge Beach, Riam tripped, River Island Mentaya Lepeh and fences.

In the District there Kolompai Joyless Kingdom Mountain tourist attraction, Mount Konut, stretcher Mountain Lake, Mountain Bondang, and Mount Point. In addition, there is also white water rafting, Tejun Sampulan Water, Waterfall pile.

In the South Barito Regency there are natural attractions in the cave of Liang's father, in East Barito Liang Saragih there is also in the cave. While nature tourism in North Barito there are nature reserves in the form of protected forests in the district there are many natural attractions Lamandau a cascade of stones in the river so that this area is very exciting to be a place Rafting activities, particularly in Riam Keladu.

Various natural attractions in Central Kalimantan, the potential is very big and very interesting, not infrequently is quite attractive as a tourist attraction for foreign tourists (foreign tourists). However, a variety of natural tourism potential has not been flying most of all because of limited funding from local governments.

Kalimantan Jungle Expedition Tour at Central Kalimantan Province 

Visit the Orangutan in the Jungle of  Tanjung Puting National Park, feel the rythem of the Tropical Forest here, when it comes in as you cruise the Sekonyer River into Tanjung Puting National Park of Indonesia Central Borneo Province. Camp Leakey and Pondok Tanggui Orang Utan Rehabilitation centers will learn you how we can protect these endangered spieces of wild Borneo Island. Explore easily the Tropical Flora and Fauna of Kalimantan.Cruising the Kahayan and Rungan River into the Jungle, to visit the Traditional Dayak villages as Tumbang Malahoi, Tewah and Tumbang Korik, here we can learn from their life in harmony with the nature, trekking into the virgin jungle, and hiking the Katingan River to Kasongan.

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