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The lake was planted with palm trees, Where again we are looking for Fish

"Out of our forests destroyed, depleted our seas polluted, depleted our clean air to breathe. Now our rivers and lakes began to disappear."

a sentence full of emotion, but a full surrender from the mouth of a resident in the Hinterland of Central Kalimantan who happened to her hut's walls his bark I frequent for shelter that afternoon.

simple hut in which there are twoone boy aged about 5 and 9 years old and a mother who was holding a tiny baby girl aged about 8 or 10 months.

that afternoon I felt the atmosphere a little tense, maybe because of my arrival and suddenly brought the camera and a backpack big enough, though it is only clothing and other supplies. The host looked surprised and puzzled to see me this coming. but after I explained that my arrival was to takeimages the atmosphere around the oil palm plantations for the purpose of documentary filmmaking, the father started a little welcome to me, though his eyes still looked suspicious to me.

atmosphere so relaxed, I offer cigarettes to the old man, but he refused and took his property clove Roko and lit a rod, as well as me. While smoking the father asked me, "you are the company you? (Meaning palm tree company) survey the location of it?" once againI explained the purpose of my existence in this region to the father, that I was not the oil companies, nor is it being the plantation site survey, I pointed out that I was working on a film about the impact of oil palm plantations on local communities, and happened to stop by to take shelter at home this and blah .. blah ..

Then after talking a while, then I find out if the old man is a fish finder. formerly he was a laborer in a logging company. hetells how difficult he is now looking for fish, because fish is the place to find so many have perished because of the planted palm. he and his family at this time relied heavily of fish catches.

The parents also took me to sites that used to be a favorite fishing location, because the number of fish abundance and endless even though every day he managed to catch dozens of kilograms of fish a kind of haruan (cork) there. but he asked me toperpetuate some of the swamps, rivers and small lakes that have now been closed by oil palm plantations owned palm oil company.

Really, until my location can only hold sad to see palm trees stretch as far as the eye could see, and some creeks are almost gone, and a lake are planted with palm up central lake.

indeed indeed, Investment Oil palm plantation in Central Kalimantan is not prioritizing the interests of ecology and the surrounding community.


now becomes my duty to immediately tell through afilm about the condition of society and the environment around coconut palm plantation area in Central Kalimantan. May God always gave the power to me. 
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