Selasa, 19 Juni 2012

Kalimantan in year 2070

My friends, this is my fear today. While sitting in my chair watching television programs that show activity on the ground a million nan proud of Borneo. Initially proud and happy, when I was in school in rural sector in the Mahakam river, West Kutai. Every day I menghirupkan fresh air, looking at the trees, forests, so green, with its beautiful wildlife and steps. However kekwatiranku now finally arrived, and disturbing pain in heart. I adore the forest that once damaged, by the hands of irresponsible, overthrown by a bunch of tractor engines are not conscience. Field system on the move, illegal logging, mining activities, join the beautiful majestic ruin my woods.
Therefore, let my best friend to save our forests. Teach your family to implement a system of settled fields. Stop mining system that does not benefit our society. Drained our resources, but only for the welfare of a group of people. We dubbed nan-rich soil, full of natural treasures, but many still feel the woes of our society, our community has not enjoyed much power as we give an abundance of land petroleum. The spirit of our son and daughter to get an education, but why should be prevented by poverty, land semantar we rich?.

My friends, do not you sell the land at bargain prices, because our children need a field to menaanam fruits, rattan, rubber, wood, and others. Much more so kwatir my best friend in the year 2070, our children will find it hard to find the ground just to get rid of urine. Our children will find it hard to find land for just a hunt, or cane planting, or planting poison just the chopsticks. Our children will be difficult to get land to grow fruit.

Ayaolah friend, fill your land with rubber tree sap sebaba will continue to drip, to seven offspring. The wood can be used to wake meraka home or as a wood fire. The wood they can use to make a boat, to catch fish for his wife and their children. Dedaunya will go green than oil palm caused only barren and damage the ecology of our land.

My friends let's do something that my fears will never happen.

Salam Building Borneo
By Martin Mai

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