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History Of Dayak Maanyan

Maanyan Dayak community is a sub tribe Dayak in Kalimantan, the which has existed since Hundreds of years ago and even believed to have existed since 242 BC According to the research on the Remains of a royal temple area Nansarunai Amuntai - South Kalimantan. What is the relationship with the royal tribe of Dayak Maanyan Sarunai Nan? Yes there is, is a royal kingdom Nansarunai formed by the Dayak tribe Maanyan. At that time the Dayak tribes still Maanyan the which Inhabit the region is now a part of the province of South Kalimantan.

That maybe Maanyan Dayak tribe lived in the year 242 BC already has a structure of great cultures and Kingdoms, but still being simple.

According to the study of history and the Dayak tribe is a glorious maritime Maanyan age of her. And when it was still inhabited the region at the edge of the sea or rivers near the sea. Even According to specified reliefs in Borobudur temple, the Dayak Maanyan ever sail across the ocean toward Madagascar using outrigger Canoes. Wow super once .... and it will not be trusted by you if you see a Dayak tribe Maanyan currently living away from the maritime tribes.

Earlier the collapse of his kingdom began to receive Nansarunai intimidation of the Various Kingdoms That exist when it is like the kingdom of Srivijaya (Sumatra Island) and Majapahit (Java). And finally in 1355 AD, the kingdom of Nan Sarunai fall and subject to the Majapahit empire under the command of master Jatmika. With the fall of Majapahit kingdom Nansarunai hands of government, the new kingdom was formed to replace the previous eksisan kingdom with the royal name of the State Dipa.

The collapse of the kingdom Nansarunai Make Maanyan Scattered Dayak community and left the area has been a Previously That Land of Their Ancestors. The collapse is also well change some of the culture and customs of the Dayak tribe Maanyan, but Basically the culture of his Ancestors nothing has changed. So until now most of the people and society in general do not know the history and background of Dayak Maanyan actually 180 degrees different from the next life a reality today.

Areas That had been the kingdom Nansarunai today is the South Kalimantan region is inhabited by tribes That banjo is derived from the Descendants of the tribe of Dayak tribe Maanyan with Palembang Malay (Srivijaya). Meanwhile, after the events of "Usak Java" or the destruction of the kingdom Nansarunai Maanyan Dayak tribe, run and Inhabit Various areas in Central Kalimantan as Buntok region, Telang, Patai, Ampah, St. Petersburg, Dayu, Tamiang Layang, and as well as Balawa Various other areas.

And what makes this article interesting Nansarunai the kingdom. Well for some reason when it is proven in research That will change history in Indonesia. But the thing is, to date the study was virtually nil no one cares.

from n thanks for info : http://venazhe.blogspot.com/2011/11/dayak-maanyan.html?m=1

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