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Dayak Maanyan

Madagascar Embassy staff RI Thorough Ma'anyan Dayak Culture

Tamiang LAYANG - Linguistics or a language, and it indicated Ma'anyan Dayak culture has in common with the country of Madagascar. This is what attracted the attention of the Embassy (Embassy) RI in Madagascar to conduct research in the District of East Barito (Bartim) the majority of Dayak Ma'anyan original language.

"Staff Embassy in Madagascar named Anggorono Nurcahyo come to our region to conduct research and comparisons between our cultures and Madagascar," said Secretary of Culture and Tourism (Disbudpar) Bartim Coat Sila when encountered in the region of Central Kalimantan Post Taniran District Five Continents, Wednesday (20 / 6) afternoon.

According to him, in reference to the search, was found a few references are almost the same as the culture of Madagascar. For example, there are about 30 to 50 percent in linguistic equality. It seems to trigger the Embassy, ​​as well as some elements in the world to find out the cause of these similarities. Even to find common ground and a match of 100 percent, the Embassy do a comparison and reference in a region called the Gumi Jari Janang Kalalawah.

Apparently the form of statues in the country, also has similarities with the Bartim. "Indeed it is 100 percent not been proven valid, but of linguistics we have in common, living culture and DNA, and if it has a match, it means our culture is a close relative with the Malagasy ethnicity," he said. But the researchers are still wondering, what the public transport used by the ancient Dayak Ma'anyan to migrate to Madagascar. Because the Dayak community, tend to be not the type of sailor at sea.

That's what will be the subject of research to find such a match. The man was smiling added, it has also facilitated by the Embassy of Madagascar in the Museum Lewu reviewing Hante and Houses Betang. In fact, it also provides documentation and visualization of cultural dances and Dayak Ma'anyan to make an assessment and comparison with those of Madagascar. (Did_) 


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