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Traditional House : Typical home Kalteng Be Built in Belgium

Typical home Kalteng Be Built in Belgium
typical Dayak traditional house or betang Antang Kalang Gagu tumbles seen in the village, District Antang Kalang, Kotawaringin East, Central Kalimantan, Monday (02/27/2012). Custom home on the banks of the river were built Kalang Antang bin Jaya Lions emblem dice in 1870 and started inhabited in 1878.  Betang Antang Kalang including the prime tourist destination in East Kotawaringin.

PALANGKARAYA, KOMPAS.com - traditional house or huma betang typical Dayak of Central Kalimantan will be established in Brussels, capital of Belgium.
Belgium's top entrepreneurs, Eric Domb keen to build on Pairi Daiza betang huma, a complex containing a wide range of replica custom homes from around the world.
Central Kalimantan Governor Agustin Teras Narang after meeting with Domb in Palangkaraya, Central Kalimantan, Sunday (01/13/2013), explains, the Brussels region has an area of ​​approximately 70 hectares (ha).
In Pairi Daiza, built traditional houses, among others, South Africa, China, including Indonesia.
Home of Indonesia that has been built is Toraja. Domb huma betang also want to build there.
"He will prepare the land and take into account the extent of," said Terrace. Domb also want to equip huma betang with several species of trees and animals typical of Kalimantan in order to obtain the desired atmosphere.
"It must be in accordance with procedures and Domb knows it all because he is honorary consul of Indonesia to Belgium," said Terrace.
The house will be built first and then re-assembled in Central Kalimantan in Brussels. Party building in Central Kalimantan and huma betang Bussels be the same.
"I'll know exactly how to set up home. Course requires the consent process, for example about the use of ironwood," said Terrace.
Embassy of Indonesia to Belgium are expected to help. Betang huma development would be a form of promotion of tourism Kalteng to the world level. Pairi Daiza only open about seven months each year, but was able to pull up to about 1 million w isatawan.
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source : ttp://regional.kompas.com/read/2013/01/13/20255197/.Rumah.Khas.Kalteng.Akan.Dibangun.di.Belgia
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