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Guard Black Orchid

By Dwi Bayu Radius
Although scorned sane, Ramianto Situl (39) and the family insisted on taking care of forest orchids Murutuwu Village, Paju District Epat, East Barito regency, Central Kalimantan. He got no profit, just a desire to preserve the black orchid or "Coelogyne pandurata" which became his motivation. Ramianto storytelling, family caring for orchids forests for generations. His mother, Yunitha Situl (71), treating forest orchids since 1965. Black Orchid is a plant native Borneo is increasingly difficult to find in their natural habitat as much hunted people.
Before treatment, only a few orchids that grow naturally in the forest in an area of ​​about 10 hectares.Yunitha then pay people to clean up the land because it is dense forest. Land clearing is necessary to make a path for easy caring for orchids in the jungle.
When it Yunitha meager income. He worked as an elementary school teacher with responsibility for one Murutuwu 10 children.
As the attention of the mother on orchids, since childhood, Rami, call Ramianto, and his brothers had been accustomed to in and out of the woods to help his mother. Their job is to move the orchids that quickly multiply.
"Rain or hot, we still menyetek orchids. Until we say crazy for wanting to take care of orchids like that, "said Rami recalled.
The results of their hard work has made the forest was lush with orchids. On the other hand, the risk wounded by wild animals, such as bears, snakes, porcupines, and wild boar, still staking their safety.
Now, Rami and four brothers who lived in Murutuwu who actively care for the forest. However, his brother who is outside Central Kalimantan (Kalimantan) was still paying attention to orchids in the forest.

Pressed palm
When the forest started crowded and public attention, residents in the surrounding area is actually a gang claiming the land as their own. This happened in 2008.
"Why are they noisy? After a busy person, they just claim forest land. I worry Murutuwu increasingly pressured by the presence of oil palm plantations, "he said.
Rami income as rubber farmers were annoyed. He believes the forest land would have been turned into oil palm plantations as strong if not maintained power.
The problem is then dimufakatkan through village meetings. Rami agreed, family-run land to 5 acres. It also borders land owned by Rami and other residents are not clear.
Nevertheless, he still cared orchid plants in the forest. He seemed to not care if the plants are in their land or not. For Rami, no material benefits derived from these activities.
"In fact, we have to shell out a private, who knows how much. Not to mention that calculate energy released. All that was why, for the sake of the preservation of black orchid, "he said.
Rami moved preserve the black orchid when she followed the Boy Scout National Jamboree in Jakarta in 1981. "When my mother was able to visit an orchid garden at Taman Mini Indonesia Indah. After that, our intention to preserve the black orchid growing stronger, "he said.
As a result, over time, researchers, television crews, staff non-governmental organizations (NGOs), collector, until the peasants flocked to the forest orchids. Researchers Bogor Agricultural University (IPB), for example, came in 2005. There are also foreign researchers who come, such as from Mexico, Germany, and England.
"Those who came to take the orchid is not authorized by me. I also do not want to sell the black orchid. I am really worried, over time black orchid in Borneo could be extinct, "he said. Those who intend to take the orchids generally comes with a carrying bag, and even driving.
In addition, there are many orchid picker into the woods quietly. Rami and his family did not hesitate to rebuke, even scolding whoever they are. Anxiety Rami against theft of flora Indonesia came because he was worried the black orchid will be taken out of the country and favorable foreign traders.

Status of forest
Rami was annoyed when some parties want to manage the forests without contact. They chose to tell the village chief. Rami insisted in this case because he knew, the forest is habitat heaviest orchid plant in East Barito, even in Central Kalimantan.
Rami orchid forest fighting efforts come to fruition with the release of Regent Decree No. 350 East Barito 2006 on Permit Use of Forest Areas on Forest Rights. Rami family was given permission to use the forest area.
In a decision issued on December 11, 2006 that mentioned the taking of orchids, tree felling, use of heavy machinery and mechanical equipment, and the addition of native plant species that are not from the local area.
However, the decision was only valid for five years and has not been renewed. The unclear status of the forests were repeated. Therefore, Rami again asked the central government and local governments to protect the orchid forest conservation by providing a legal status.
There was no land title. So far only rely Rami land certificate. However, Department of Culture and Tourism of East Barito regency at least have expressed support for the forest could be developed into a research and tourist destination.
The study was included for large trees. Forests are still traditional treatments will be developed technically to be more fertile.
Head of the Representative Office of Bank Indonesia Kalimantan Muhammad Nur also intends to build a lodge for tourists or other supporting facilities. However, he could carry out that intention if the status of the forest area is clear.
"I hope the government can immediately issue a decision on the status of this forest. Clarity is essential for the existence of black orchids can be maintained and not be disturbed person. Here East Barito regency government support is essential, "said Rami citing examples such support expected paved roads into the woods to take care of orchids.
"Parents are advised that we continue to care for the forest," he asserted.
When the village was surrounded Murutuwu palm oil and a lot of people selling land, Rami is trying to preserve forests for the preservation of biological richness of Indonesia.

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