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Pictures Old of Central Kalimantan (6) : Palangka Raya City

Pictures Old of Central Kalimantan (6) : Palangka Raya City

Any pictures that important relic (Age Netherlands - 1990) then located in Central Kalimantan.

Let more neat old photographs classified according to their respective regions (alphabetical order).

Pantan cutting ceremony to welcome guests. Looks Governor Tjilik Riwut official duty

Heavy equipment on the road Palangkaraya - Tangkiling

Panarung Airport (Now Tjlik Riwut) Palangkaraya 1964

Somewhere field in Palangkaraya city, March 8, 1973

This is a personal photo collection Tjilik family, taken on July 17, 1957

The road towards the axis of Palangkaraya Tangkiling

Road bridges in Palangkaraya Tjilik 1964

Road bridges in Palangkaraya Tjilik 1964

Education Office

Office of Public Works of the past

Office of the Governor of Central Kalimantan past

Palangkaraya Mayor's Office (now the location of a branch office of Bank Indonesia Palangkaraya,
located on  Diponegoro street)

Christian graves Pahandut: Christian cemetary on the sand-dunes of Pahandut
(with pineapple plants at the side of the path) 1930

Tower taps (water companies) while still under construction

Mission school in Pahandut 1929

Pahandoet Abraham Badjas (oloh bakas) 1924 : 1

Pahandoet Abraham Badjas

Pahandut a dajak house 1929
Pahandut from the Annual Report 1926

Pahandut modern Dayak house. 1924

Pahandut. Landscape (in the background the Kahajan River). 1929

Pelabuhan Rambang

First President of Indonesia, Ir.Soekarno present in the development process to be
the capital of Palangkaraya  in Central Kalimantan.

It looks like an official ceremony in the past Palangkaraya

The village of Pahandut, (In the foreground little houses for bathing, boats, and trading posts).
The white house is the rest house for stangers passing through. 1924

Laying of the first stone monument city of Palangkaraya. Photo taken in 1958

Village street in Pahandut 1929 (Could this be Jalan Borneo now!)

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