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red cat HIS JUST IN in Kalimantan

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Red Cat is also known as Cat Kalimantan or Borneo Cat . In English known as Borneo Bay Cat , Bay Cat , Bornean Bay Cat , Bornean Marbled Cat and . Meanwhile, in Latin called the Pardofelis badia , which is synonymous with Catopuma and Felis badia badia . This cat is a species endemic to the island of Borneo .

As quoted from , Red Cat is a close relative and is still a common ancestor with the Golden Cats ( Asian Golden Cat ) are numerous in Sumatra , and some Southeast Asian countries . It is estimated that the cat is endemic to Borneo has been there since 4 million years ago when the island of Borneo are still united with the mainland of Asia .

The characteristics and Behavior . Red Cat ( Borneo Bay Cat ) had feathers reddish brown although there are variants grayish . The lower part of the body of Borneo Cat paler than the top . There is a red line on a rather young tanned forehead and cheeks . This rare cat ears are black or dark brown , and white stripes on the tail tip of the tail with black spots .

Red cat with an elongated slender body has a length of about 55 cm with a tail length ranges from 35 cm . Red Cat ( Borneo Bay Cat ) has a body weight of between 2.3 -4.5 kg .

Not much can be extracted about cat behavior endemic to Borneo 's rare . Red Cat ( Pardofelis badia ) including nocturnal animals that many activities at night to hunt birds , mice , and monkeys . In addition to a hunter , Red Cat ( Catopuma badia ) also eat the carcasses of animals found in the forest .

Red Cat ( Borneo Bay Cat ) reach adulthood and sexual maturity between the ages of 18-24 months . The cat is endemic to Borneo during pregnancy have about 70-75 days to give birth to 1-3 cubs in a single pregnancy .

The population of this rare cat until now not known with certainty . Because of the 2002 Cats Red ( Borneo Bay Cat ) are categorized in the conservation status of " endangered" ( Endangered ) by IUCN Redlist . And also included in Appendix II of CITES . In Indonesia and Malaysia , Red Cats , including protected animals from extinction .

red cat

More recently , reported by the National Monitor , eneliti team from the Zoological Society of London , England , managed to take pictures of rare animals or Pardofelis badia red cat in the jungle of Borneo , Indonesia .

Wearn and his team of researchers were surprised by the hidden camera catches were placed in one of four areas of forest in Kalimantan forests are confirmed as habitat of the red cat .

The research team saw many red cat in forest areas that have been cut down massively .

" The results of our hidden camera shots to be strong evidence that red cats can survive in forests that have been harvested for commercial purposes . They must be saved , " Wearn lid .

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