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from another land : Rare, Venomous Giant Rat Found in East Kutai

WIKIPEDIA Solenodon paradoxus
Sengata, - Animals like pigs who arrested citizens Sangatta, East Kutai, East Kalimantan, Tuesday, August 19 last, the giant rat allegedly including rare and endangered animals. 
"I have not been able to report, but if the white giant rat," said the Head of the Kutai National Park (BTNK), Erly Sukrismanto, Sunday (08/24/2014). 
Erly Sukrismanto also claimed to be ordered his staff to check the location of the discovery in order to determine exactly the type of animal it catches Linga Gulf residents. "I will instruct my staff, Monday (25/08/2014) to the scene to see the animals," he said. 
In line with the said Erly, Cut Meutia veterinarian said animals including the type of giant rat that is rarely found, even one of the rare animals in the world. 
According Cut Meutia, this beast known as Solenodon, which include rare animals like snakes that could have. Solenodon will remove toxins from the body if it feels threatened. "The venom of these animals if the body can lead to paralysis and death. Therefore, should not be approached at any given moment," said Cut Meutia who claimed to have seen the animal. 
Cut Meutia said, according to the search, this animal came from Cuba, has white fur, the nose has a length of about 25 cm, and odorless. "This animal is unique," said a woman who works in the Processing of Livestock Department of Agriculture and Livestock in East Kutai regency. 
Previously, Head of Livestock Department of Agriculture and Animal Husbandry Ningrum Diah said that the animal was a rare and poisonous animals. The animals are small mammals like mice and similar big mouth pig with a long snout and a long scaly tail. 
"Animal Solenodon have toxic saliva that can inject venomous prey to cause death," said Diah anyway.
Editor: Glori K. Wadrianto
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