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Orang Utan Killied Case Should Be a Lesson For Oil Palm Plantation Busines

 orang utan 

The case of the killing of orangutans in the Kutai, East Kalimantan, should be a lesson for entrepreneurs Oil palm plantations in Indonesia. Oil palm entrepreneurs also had to prove not as environmentally destructive, but it has a large commitment in maintaining the continuity of natural resources and ecosystems.
“Do not let happen again. We strongly agree the process of criminal homicide orangutan completed. But the important thing is not sharpening the problem, because the impact can be dangerous. Concerning the continuity of investment until the fate of the oil palm growers, “said Chairman of the Association of Indonesian Palm Oil (GPKI) Joefly J Bahroeny in a release received by AFP in Jakarta, Wednesday (11/30/2011) night.
Joefly also testified, in dealing with legal issues in the case of destruction of the environment, ecosystems, nature conservation and biodiversity oil palm plantations are done to be seen case by case basis, and not generalized. “Do not let such a case involving oil palm plantations, and then generalized and extended to the issue everywhere. If because of sheer pique, without thinking of the consequences, then the attacks on the oil palm industry could have an impact on the stagnation of investment, “he said.
According Joefly, the government is necessary firmness in enforcing the legislation, including control over the impact of the expansion or opening up new fields of oil palm plantations, while ensuring the commitment of employers of palm oil for the survival of biological resources and ecosystems, as mandated by Law No. 5 of 1990 on Conservation of Natural Resources and Ecosystems.
Meanwhile, the oil palm plantation PT Khaleda Agroprima Malindo (KAM) to admit, since the opening of plantation area in the village of Puan smacking, District of Muara Kaman, have a standard operational procedure (SOP) handling of the environment, biodiversity and pest eradication. Including how the handling of animals that fall into protected categories, such as orang-utans.
“We request that this case be handled objectively and fairly. Do not immediately politicized and extends to things that are not relevant. Need we assert, there is no policy from the company to the killing of orangutans, but required to report to the BKSDA (Natural Resources Conservation Board) local, “said Attorney PT KAM Dalmasius.
According to him, cases of killings of orangutans in the area of his client’s estate is recognized as the momentum of negative campaign against the behavior of the industry players oil palm plantations in Indonesia. Therefore, the course of treatment without the politicization of law is needed, so as not to disturb the investment climate of national oil palm industry, both of which came from overseas and domestic investors.
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