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Borneo is set aside for the lungs of the world

By Sri Lestari  (Produser) : http://www.bbc.co.uk/ 
Orang utan

Destruction and illegal logging often occurs Conservation

potential for conflict

Observer Mulawarman forestry from the University of East Kalimantan, Yaya Rayadin, said the involvement of local governments is very important because relative to clarify theconservation area and also the economy.

He explained all this potential conflict of interest in the determination of the conservation area occur in a number of areasin Kalimantan.

"There are different concepts for different interests, on the otherconservation areas but also high potential for coal, it is also the potential for conflict is high, as an example of Kutai National Park," said Yaya.

But Yaya mention the concept of integrating the conservation areais the right choice for the preservation of biodiversity are ownedisland of Borneo.

"Most important is the variation of specified areas forconservation, and represent ecosystems in areas such asKalimantan peat swamp and lowland prioritize, because lowlandsare richer in biodiversity," said Yaya.

Government according to Yaya, has been a lot more sets of the highlands as a conservation area such as the Heart of Borneoprogram, whereas the biodiversity in the region less than thelowlands.

According to Yaya, in addition to the determination ofconservation areas and protected forests, the central governmentshould also provide a budget to protect the conservation area,which has been vulnerable to vandalism, such as forest fires,illegal logging and hunting animals.

So far, the budget for security and protection of conservation areas is only about U.S. $ 4 or less than 40,000 per hectare peryear, while the ideal is U.S. $ 50 per hectare per year.

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