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Fruit Season 7 Typical of Central Kalimantan

1. Fruit Cimpedak (WUA Nanakan)

Fruit Cimpedak or in the Dayak language WUA Nanakan Maanyan is the fruit of the season there are very many areas, especially East and South Barito Barito Central Kalimantan. When in season fruit Cimpedak in that area can be very abundant even thrown away. But so is not this means the fruit becomes worthless. The proof, many collectors from outside the area to buy and take it for resale to the area of ​​South Kalimantan. Sometimes when the fruit is not too much or not Kingdom (abundant) perkilogramnya prices could reach five thousand dollars. And vice versa in the season when the Kingdom, then sometimes just appreciated five hundred dollars per kilogram. Quite a lot of preparations produced from this fruit, but there are some preparations that are very popular among the Dayak people like Gaguduh Nanakan Maanyan and Rimpi. For Cempedak young fruit usually used as a vegetable for cooking such as Papahakan Wawuy, Papahakan Kenah and Papahakan Paing. As for the skins and seeds of the ripe fruit can also be processed into food or vegetable.

 2. Papaken

Papaken At first glance papaken fruit is similar to the Durian fruit, but in terms of color, smell, and taste the fruit is very different from the Durian fruit in general. Papaken is a type of seasonal fruit is generally only bear fruit once a year. Taste this fruit is very tasty indeed when compared with Durian, besides that this fruit will not cause drunkenness in the audience. Flesh legit and more textured and more fiber contained therein. Flesh color is red brick, unlike the Durian is generally yellowish white. The fruit is also not produce a very stinging smell like Durian. Besides this fruit stand also in the packaging, which means not easily rot.

3. Layung

Fruit Layung also similar to Durian. But compared to Durian and Papaken, fruit Layung also has its own uniqueness and certainly berberbeda in terms of shape and taste. Flesh taste sweet without any bitter taste fruits like Durian. It's just that even though the flesh is sweet but not so thick. Spines of the fruit was very sharp and slightly elongated compared to Durian. And one more thing, the fruit is mostly grown in the interior forest pohonya and rarely cultivated.

 4. Durian

Ruyan (Durian) This is the most common fruits found in almost every region in Indonesia. The most fundamental difference between each region only the name and call for this fruit. Especially for the Dayak Maanya often call with WUA Ruyang. For the area East Barito Durian is widely grown in the area where the land is still famous Mount with gemburnya.

 5.Ihem Puteren (MANGO BORNEO)

Ihem Puteren Mango fruit is similar to, but have different shapes and flavors. The fruit is round like a tennis ball and the fruit is sweet with fruit fiber was rather rude and certainly has a distinctive taste. The fruit is no one breed, but is still found in the forest and fruit are always active between the months of September through the end of January.

 6. Ihem tunggku (Mango)

Ihem Tunggku, still Ihem family of mango, but this one is more unique than the usual types of mangoes. Fruit color brown and thick, but had flesh-colored fruits such as Mango other common. The pulp contained more fiber that tastes sweet acidic. The pulp is also often used as a condiment, which is certainly more spicy it would be nice.

 7. Lehat

Lehat or in Indonesian discuss Hamlet is also a seasonal fruit and should be a commodity which is promising for the region. This is because the fruit is a favorite almost everyone so the price can be quite reliable. But unfortunately, not many people who manage this commodity. Whereas nearly all land areas, especially East Barito gardening is perfect for this commodity.

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