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Maryland Entomological Society Talk

Peter Houlihan will be speaking at the Maryland Entomological Society on Friday, April 20 about BRINCC's insect studies from the 2011 expedition. Peter will also talk about his current work on the Barcode of Life Database using DNA sequencing to better understand the phylogeography of Borneo’s butterfly populations. Specimens from the more than 100 butterfly species that Peter collected will be on display following the talk. In addition, results from the expedition’s other biodiversity projects on frogs, birds, small mammals, and gibbons, and the social team’s work conducted in the communities will be discussed, all of which has been recently published online in BRINCC’s Preliminary Report. BRINCC's Entomological studies were sponsored byBioQuip Products

For more information, please contact: peter@brinccborneo.org

 Specimens will be on display at the talk.  These drawers display mostly species belonging to the Zeuxidia and Amathuxidia genera.   


BRINCC Preliminary Report Now Ready!

Dear All, 

The preliminary report from our expedition last summer is now ready and available on our website! The final analysis is not yet complete, but we have data from this little studied area covering all aspects of our social and biodiversity work. Findings from our two teams report on social ecology, large and small mammals, primates, birds, amphibians, insects and plants! 

Click here for the full report in English and Indonesian and be sure to"Like" our Facebook page titled: Barito River Initiative for Nature Conservation and Communities (BRINCC)!



BRINCC Preliminary Report Coming Soon!

The Project Leaders at BRINCC have been working non-stop since our return from the expedition in 2011.  Soon we will be publishing a report that presents preliminary results from the Biodiversity and Social Teams.

BRINCC's biodiversity studies will be reporting on amphibians, birds, insects, large mammals, primates, and small mammals.  Species lists from each of these studies conducted by the Biodiversity Team will be included in this report.  We will also be sharing results from the Social Team's resource mapping and findings concerning sustainable livelihood in several communities.

You can be expecting this report VERY soon, so stay tuned to our blog!

BRINCC Team in Puruk Cahu (July 2011)
Falls in the village forest at our first field site


BRINCC and Explore at the Royal Geographical Society - THIS WEEKEND

Explore is promising to be a blast! BRINCC will be well represented by Susan Cheyne on the Tropical Forest Expeditions Panel, Andrea Höing on the Human and Medical Science Panel and Dominic Rowland presenting on People Orientated Research!
To find out more and get in the Explore spirit go to the Royal Geographical Society website.


BRINCC at Explore

The Royal Geographical Society Explore event will be held from 18-20th November 2011. Scientific Director Susan Cheyne is sitting on the panel for Tropical Forest Expeditions from 3.30-5.30pm on Saturday and Expedition Leader Dominic Rowland is speaking in the Human Sciences workshop on Sunday from 11.30am - 1pm. This event is the place to learn about expedition planing, meet link-minded people and see all the great work being done. Register soon to ensure a place!

BRINCC base camp at the second survey site in the Borah River


BRINCC Project News - thank you to our supporters

BRINCC are featured on the WildCRU (Wildlife Conservation Research Unit) website of the University of Oxford following the return of the team. Through the WildCRU funding appeal, BRINCC received many valuable donations from our friends and supporters, without which we could not have achieved all that we did. Thank you everyone who contributed to our success.


Explore 2012

Come to Explore 2012 at the Royal Geographical Society to hear BRINCC expedition leader, Dominic Rowland, speaking about the expedition which took place this summer.
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