Rabu, 26 September 2012

Looks Rare Borneo rhino in Sabah



A rare Borneo rhino caught on camera successfully in Malaysia. The finding is expected to extend rhino lifeline endangered species. Currently there are only about 30 rhinos living in the wild island of Borneo, which covers an area of ​​Malaysia, Indonesia and Brunei.

Environmental NGO World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) said, rhino caught on camera was the possibility of being pregnant and the estimated age of under 20 years old.

Borneo rhino sub-species is the rarest of all types of rhinos. Beukuran rhino relatively smaller when compared to the Sumatran rhino.

While the Sumatran rhino is also one teracam extinct animals. Animals just left on the island of Sumatra, the northern part of the island of Borneo and peninsular Malaysia.

Laurentius Ambu, Director of WWF's Sabah region, Malaysia also said two rhino calves have been spotted in the same daearah. For that he asked the government to implement strict laws against animal traders.

"The protection of wildlife habitat and the rule of law is the main strategy to protect the endangered rhino population," he said.

WWF also said the future of the island of Borneo rhino is very dependent on the efforts to preserve the forest. Raymond Alfred of WWF Borneo said dwelling rhino disturbed by the expansion of oil palm plantation activities.

Malaysia is the second largest palm oil exporter in the world after Indonesia, and the two countries controlled 85 percent of world oil production.

Source: AFP


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