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History of the Village tumbles Topus: by Thomas Wanly on 20 September 2012 at 11:01

Tumbang Topus is the northernmost village and the end of the river villages Berito, especially in the district of Central Kalimantan Province Moody highway.

Its presence in the estimate has existed since the 3rd century BC. Tumbang Topus founded by people who in the Punan Dayak believe from keturunanan Nyai Month Jehad.waktu that Dayak people who live at the headwaters of the Barito river sedentary life, split into several tribes that stand on their own. Sometimes mutually hostile to one another. Taste the incendiary spirit of tribal solidarity and strengthened the bond Jereh / ties families. besides Kampung orong Topus, Punan village there used to be in the Bura River Kali Naga, Nahuang River, Orong Tokan, Kalasin / Karamu, Tasang Butung, Takajung, tumbles Molut, River Towoh / Punan Towoh, Cape Maggots, and Tino Lord (letter recognition region indigenous Dayak Punan by Dutch resident Puruk Cahu Muara district Teweh 1927 and 1933) (profile Punan Dayak tribe in Central Kalimantan). within LETTERS DETERMINATION by Assistant Resident DER DOESOENLANDEN DATE 27 JULY 1925 RESIDENT AND VAN DER ZUIDERER OOSTERAFDEELING BORNEO 9 NOVEMBER 1933 DATE OF GOVERNMENT NETHERLANDS INDIES IN DISTRICT BANJARMASIN MOEROENG, Muara Teweh; 1933 for Punan Dayak representation signed by Lawei BIN cocoa

22 JULI 1969, SIDI bindih (sub CHILDREN Punan) MAKING LAND SECURITIES descent Tokan WITH BROAD AREA VILLAGE SQUARE 75 KM, FROM Kalasin - TUJANG, SUB SOURCE BERITO / / the stamped and diregetrasikan by subdistrict ROBOES 25 RUPEES IN PAPER SEALS AND stamp SEAL 5 RUPEES

Topus tumbles, also known as a battle / war between tribes, where until now there is still a path that gives access road by the Dayak tribes Kenyah and Bahau in East Kalimantan / Mahakam river to attack the tribes of Dayak in Central Kalimantan ( rohan *** atoi Tagah Kelong Tuyo, Rohan Bla Soil and Stone Puruk ayou) *** Rohan / road linking the Barito river upstream to the river Mahakam)

War ever undertaken by the Punan Dayak Barito river against Asang HIVAN by Hipui / Dayak Chief Bahau and Kenyah in Mahakam, first in Kampung Orong Tokan (Latap saga brothers) after it Orong maggots among the Punan Dayak Dayak Packed lunch from the ground (Anyang saga, Mrenk of Dayak Punan with Kewo and Lenjong of the Dayak tribe during didesa Tokung Land Spot) who fought for a few days nothing to lose and win, and after that the second tribe adoptive brother and stop the fighting / war to their offspring during kini.dan of the fraternity began Punan know religion is Kaharingan. From the times after the peace agreement that anoi hurung Damang initiated by Stone in the 18th century BC,

In Topus tumbles around the year 1918 AD when it was still happening kayau mangayau / behead people, Tamanggung GEH d ari tumbles Topus lead Punan and Spare afternoon against Asang of interest Bahau in Batu Ayau, because Punan Dayak tribe settlements Towoh / Toho (mentoboh ) at the river mouth is always kayau by Bahau.

After Geh Died circa 1921 event to replace his father Tamanggung GEH Punan Dayak tribal leaders who hold Tamanggung. During the event the Dayak Punan leadership remained in terror by the Dayak Bahau of the Mahakam river, which they secretly kill and cut off the head of the Punan who was hunting and fishing, one by one disappeared Punan not know disappeared.

As a result of the incident the Punan people starve, because everyone was afraid of going out, because kayau headhunting was haunting the villagers.

Finally, note that the mysterious killings carried out by the Dayak Bahau in the Liang Haju, which still resides in the area Topus.Peperangan village ensued and was won by the Punan Dayak tribe, Haju Liang finally occupied by the Dayak Hivui Bahau handed back to Tamanggung Ajang.Dalam handover region they also held a ceremony hakat Pahari / adopted brother (a peace agreement will not do forever childish hostility to his grandson, peace proof Dayak tribe Bahau submit cave swiftlet nests in Liang Haju and a saber, as well as submit event Tamanggung garantung / gong to Bahau Dayak tribe.

Another incident in 2002 Goa swiftlet bird nest in Batu Ayau containing 300 kg, another location where penaggkaran swiftlet's natural Tumbang Topus never trigger back problems that exist between the Dayak in Central Kalimantan with Bahau Dayak people in East Kalimantan, in the handling of such cases occurs conspiracy between government officials and there is no indication of the alleged descendants Tamanggung event sold secretly to people dayak in Mahakam, which at the time the incident occurred which nearly ignited the fire of hostility back where the Punan Dayak villagers Topus particularly wants to harvest in alleged robber / ninja by the police and was arrested and taken to Long Bagun, Ojoh Me and the district court Tenggarong Punan Dayak people of tumbles Topus in defeat for reasons that are unclear which location Swallow's Nest is said to belong to people of East Kalimantan when the reality on the ground is still in area Tumbang Topus or log in Central Kalimantan, until now cave swiftlets have been legally owned by the Dayak tribe East Kalimantan

To set up an event Tamanggung people betang / long house toppled Topus.Betang was set apart as a residence Tamanggung event and his family, and to all the people berpungsi well as the castle from enemy attack. Therefore Betang made around the Kuta / fence or ironwood milestone in the plug around betang, which is famous as Kuta betang Matoi Tacin, unfortunately betang was dismantled by the Dutch, and accused betang as a hiding place against the Dutch orangg .


Tamanggung family event from time to time include:

1. Tamanggung Juk in Kampung Takajung

2. Anyang and Mreng in Cape Maggots

3. Loud Montong in the village Tasang butung

4. Tamanggung Hojung in Bajoit / village Tujang now

5. Tamanggung Sawuh in Kunyi tumbles

6. Laughter in Kampung Pambakal Bantoi New Laas village Barito district Sources


On the river Berito:

1. Kampung tumbles Topus

2. Kampung tumbles Tujang (Ase keluaraga Raba / father IMIS)

3. Kampung Kalasin (families Fortunately Duars / father Imoe)

4. Gulf Kampung Jolo

5. Tumbang Kunyi

6. Village Juking polite

7. Village Tahujan ontu

Mahakam river:

1. Long Bagun village (family Nanyan and Adi)

2. Stone Village Majang (family Bangkak and Stone)

3. Tumbang Ratah / Wood Mas (family Jihat)

4. Village Danum river paroi Ratah (family Takuan)

5. Bua River Village (Ongko Limpak)

6. Village Tukul (Sahrun, Tinus and Numan)

7. Tell Datah village (the father of the family died Managi à 2012)

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