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Ian Apokayan : Insects in the REAL world's longest

Ian ApokayanInsects in the REAL world's longest and ONLY FOUND THERE KALIMANTAN Island. Rod-shaped insect is defined as the longest insect in the world by a British scientist.
The specimen was found by local residents and examined by Malaysian amateur naturalist Datuk Chan Chew Lun. Unique insect is then given its scientific name: Phobaeticus Chani or Chan's megastick.
Paul Brock of the Natural History Museum in London said that this is the longest insect species discovered so far. The shape resembles a bamboo pencil thin, about 22 inches in length, and body length of about 14 inches.
Is greatness insect? These insects have the ability to camouflage to defend themselves. In addition, he is also going to spray toxic against predators!
Finally, we've got Phobaeticus Chani, the world's largest stick insect. The species an insane measure 1.6 feet long and, as you can see, looks an awful lot like just a regular twig. This particular species was discovered deep in the heart of Borneo, and only three specimens have ever been observed. Still, that's more than enough times for me to advise that, if you ever find yourself in the heart of Borneo, take a good look before picking up any twigs.
These are just a few of the strange and awesome animals that are found in the jungles of Borneo.

Ian Apokayan Insects in the REAL world's longest

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