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History cascade mangkikit

cascade mangkikit 

mangkikit cascade called the cascade because there is a cascade of very heavy and a lot of rocks are very large even for the past aja we must be extra careful when going ga our boats capsize or sink?
Mangkikit cascade called the name of it according to the story the ancient people there is a very small village and a very handsome young man named mangkikit he lives with his wife, a very beautiful girl at a farewell mangkikit same when his wife told him to go hunt him not to mangkikit wife out of the village but ignored what is arguably the husband turned out to be violated by him so that there was a disaster that befell her, so came a very handsome young man dressed in fancy mangkikit wife did not know the origin of these young lads without strings attached directly mangkikit wife greets his wife unconscious and without mangkikit drift made by the young man and his wife carrying mangkikit entered the river and disappeared without a trace, a few days later mangkikit came from hunting and seemed surprised to see the wife does not welcome him heart mangkikit wondered to myself where the hell his wife, mangkikit without any strings attached directly to find a wife in all the villages nearby but did not see well until one day come was a little boy approached him saying that his wife had been taken by a very handsome young man into the water. mangkikit without thinking too straight into the water, where the young man took his wife away ......................? so many newspaper stories.

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until today what the true story is a lie, but most parents tell me that in the past the cascade mangkikit there is a cave, there is even a grandfather who told me that he never fished in a cascade mangkikit got a very large fish, and its shape is also very strange and the grandfather unknowingly release the fish back into the water .......................

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