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Just sharing knowledge about Saber (mandau) as the Dayak weapons

Pangkalima mandau

photos by borneo dayak commanders saber respectively

Michael Yoga Anes Lidang to The Dayak United : just sharing knowledge about Saber ...,, by Wilhelm's Jesz (Wilhelmus. R)

Apparently it is difficult for us to mengidentifiksi 'Saber'. Just as a 'Katana', saber became a general term for a sharp weapon Dayak people (Fridolin Measure, 1972) previously. Even Dr. A. Neuwenhuis a Dutch Botanical often mention the word 'saber' in his resume. Over time the term saber then reduced to the classification of the various ethnic masing2 (nation) Dayak.

Since the migration of the first Dong Son culture of the Tertiary period -60 million thun ago (H.TH. Fisher, 1991) from the time of Neozoikum (Geology), people started to move to a new life that is hunting and gathering (food & gathering). Although the 'migration' is msih a debate, but certainly 'culture' does not stand by itself, as well as the items contained therein. Estimated 'saber' and other traditional weapons have been made since the days of the period of the metallic-4 after the Neolithic (Charles Hose and William McDougal, 1912). Therefore, many sources say if the 'saber' the original is made of metal or stone mountain (possibly black iron).

Simply saber current term refers to the shape and materials used, although now saber can be made from various types of metals such as iron montallat, matikei iron and steel were taken from a car, chainsaw blades, discs vehicle, and so forth. Naturally, we can classify the 'saber' in the cultural realm of each region, although ambiguous if we were to say which one is original and does not, because there are no criteria in that regard. Original or not, depending on the general assumption in each region.

Michael Yoga Anes Lidang

saber as the Dayak weapons : saber which still keeps some magic by heirs : 

Hendra Jaykus X: Mandau of Central Borneo

Yust Farico
John Roberto Mandau From West Borneo

Ferry Lanwai
Nugra Ze
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