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Develop Eco-tourism , Central Kalimantan Private Teams

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Palangkaraya : Central Kalimantan which has an area of ​​157 983 square kilometers is the third largest province in Indonesia.

According to a decree forestry minister : SK 529/Menhut-II/2012 , Palangkaraya city 's thousands province has an area of ​​12,719,707 hectares of forest which consists of nature reserves and conservation areas covering an area of ​​1,630,828 hectares and the area of ​​nature reserves and conservation not natural area of ​​11,088,879 hectares , consisting of protected forest , limited production forest , production forest and convertible production forest .

Central Kalimantan Governor Agustin Teras Narang said the nature and potential of the area of ​​forests , sustainable development of nature and forests of Central Kalimantan requires commitment and togetherness of all parties given the vastness of the area and the many problems faced .

Not only forest products , such as coal mines , gold , iron ore , bouksit , and others are also growing there . Not to mention the considerable potential of palm oil .

" The leaders and policy makers should be able to think hard and sincerity between the utilization of the existing potential and sustainable development , " said the Governor of Central Kalimantan , on Monday ( 27/5 ) .

By cooperating with the private sector , PT Lestari up Forester (Sustainable Management Group ) , Central Kalimantan provincial government plans to develop the concept of a planned eco-tourism similar to the existing National Parks such as Tanjung Puting National Park and Yosemite National Sebangau .

The concept of utilizing the potential of existing natural , but enhanced by building a floating inn , lodging in the tree and provide a tour of the location .

" CK has tremendous natural potential as Tanjung Puting National Park . Everything has to be maintained and used , sold its potential , to change the mindset of a National Park just got it, " he explained .

Related to that , the signing of a cooperation agreement between the Government of the Province of Central Kalimantan PT Lestari up Forester (Sustainable Management Group ) on the construction and development of sustainable tourism and natural forests in Central Kalimantan .

Teras Narang said the signing of the cooperation agreement is part of an effort to develop the potential of nature and forests of Central Kalimantan .

There are efforts such as deforestation and reforestation . But both rated him yet walk in balance .

Use of natural resources in sustainable forest associated with the people who live around the forest as well as their economic conditions .

Chairman PT Lestari up Forester (Sustainable Management Group ) Makes David said the signing of cooperation agreements aim is to make forest management and forest development and sustainable natural and mutually beneficial to exploit the potential that exists without damaging nature .

In addition to the signing of this agreement is also intended to keep abreast of the existence of forests and natural forest .
" Various models for forest development and conservation of natural forests has been done .

But after decades of running , the project only generate reports without generating sustainable development for nature and forests , " he explained .

This Agreement governs the preparation of a master plan to determine how much of the need for the development of nature tourism .

This cooperation also regulate the division of labor between the portion of the provincial government of Central Kalimantan - PT Sustainable Management Group that do not overlap .

by  ( Vera Erwaty Ismainy )

Editor : Asnawi Khaddaf
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