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10 Borneo Pygmy Elephants poisoned

Fikri Hidayat | Tuesday, January 29, 2013

A baby Bornean pygmy elephant (Elephas maximus borneensis) near mother who died poisoned. Sabah Wildlife Department released photos of Borneo pygmy elephant (Elephas maximus borneensis) Gunung Rara Forest died, 130 kilometers from Tawau, Sabah, on Tuesday (29/01/2013).

KOMPAS.com - Ten Borneo pygmy elephant ( Elephas maximus borneensis ) was found dead endangered and is thought to have been poisoned , Malaysian officials said on Tuesday ( 01/29/2013 ) . They released a poignant photograph shows a baby elephant who sniff and caress its mother .

Sabah Wildlife Department has formed a special task force and the police together WWF organization to investigate the death of the elephants .

Sabah Wildlife Department released photos of Borneo pygmy elephant (Elephas maximus borneensis) lying dead in Gunung Rara Forest, 130 kilometers from Tawau, Sabah, Malaysia, on Tuesday (01/29/2013). A total of 10 rare elephants found dead and suspected poisoning.

Sabah Wildlife Department director , Laurentius Ambu said it received a report last Wednesday about the death of the pygmy elephants in the forests of Mount Rara , 130 kilometers from Tawau , Sabah .

" Earlier this year , two of eight elephants that have been rotting carcasses found near settlements . We believe that all of this elephant -related deaths , " he said in an official statement .

Sen Nathan , a senior veterinary department , the animals died of suspected poisoning after finding severe ulceration and bleeding in the digestive tract .

" It's really incredibly sad to see all the elephants die , especially one with a dead female baby was three months old are still alive while trying to wake her mother , " he said .

State Environment Minister , Masidi Manjun , vowed to take stern action if the animals are intentionally poisoned . " I will personally ensure that the perpetrators will be brought to justice and pay for their crimes , " he said .
Image Credit: The Golden Chersonese and the way thither / New York: GP Putn
Browsing around the Borneo jungle in 1883. Isabella L. Bird and two natives up the elephant in the swamp area, Perak, Malaysia.

The activists warn that pygmy elephants are very quickly losing natural habitat due to deforestation , forest conversion to plantations and large -scale human encroachment on Borneo , a vast island owned by Malaysia , Indonesia and Brunei .

Was assigned the status of endangered species and threatened species is very risky ( endangered ) . Its population is only 1,500 head and now only live in the north of the island of Borneo .

Organization WWF says elephants are genetically different from other Asian elephants . DNA evidence proves these elephants were isolated about 300,000 years ago from their cousins ​​on mainland Asia and Sumatra . Over time , they became smaller with relatively larger ears , longer tails and straight tusks . Currently, the Borneo pygmy elephant is the smallest Asian elephant . AFP

source : http://foto.kompas.com/photo/detail/2013/01/29/6678916531491359392442/10-gajah-kerdil-borneo-mati-diracun
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