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Pictures Old of Central Kalimantan (11) : Kotawaringin Barat

Pictures Old of Central Kalimantan (11) : Kotawaringin Barat

Any pictures that important relic (Age Netherlands - 1990) then located in Central Kalimantan.

Let more neat old photographs classified according to their respective regions (alphabetical order).

Kotawaringin Barat : by albert alang Foto-foto Kalteng jaman dulu.

Local legislators (DPRD) GR first Western Kotawaringin

Een groep Dajaks in feestkleding te Pangkalanboeoen, Beneden Doesoenlanden, Borneo : A group of Dayaks in costume Pangkalanboeoen, Downstairs Doesoenlanden, Borneo. NOT IN THE KNOW year

The first school (SMP) building in West Kotawaringin

PalaceLawang Agung Bukit Indra Kencana or more popularly known as the Yellow Palace in Pangkalan Bun

Office of the First Air Force  (AURI) in West Kotawaringin

first Office of the District Military Command (KODIM) West Kotawaringin 

First POLRES office in West Kotawaringin

Government Kotawaringin kingdom when Prince Kasuma Anom AlamSYAH (1939-1948)

Kotawaringin royal coronation as Prince Kasuma Anom Alam (1939-1948)

Prince Kasuma Anom Alam out of the car

The bigroof over the sultans graves in KotaWaringin, 1928

The holy canon of Kota-Waringin village (This place is called Kerbau Tidur) the sleeping bull, 1928

The Karamat of Kiai Gadai in KotaWaringin village, 1935

The royal palace in Kotawaringin, 1928

The Kraton in Kota Waringin in which the Sultans used to live, 1928

The old mosque in Kotawaringin village, which was built by Kiai Gadai. Foto 1928

The old mosque in Kotawaringin village which wasbuilt by Kiai Gadai, 1928

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