Senin, 28 Oktober 2013

Pictures Old of Central Kalimantan (10) : Sukamara

Pictures Old of Central Kalimantan (10) : Sukamara

Any pictures that important relic (Age Netherlands - 1990) then located in Central Kalimantan.

Let more neat old photographs classified according to their respective regions (alphabetical order).

En route for Sukamara. The carriers in the boat. 1939

here typical Dayaks from Kerta Mulia Kotawaringin 1928

In Sukamara, a dove-cot above the western branch of the Djalui River (Sungai Jelai). 1928

In Sukamara. An islamic wedding. The bridegroom is accompanied on the street by his friends, who surround and protect him - a sign of high honour. 1928

Sukamara mosque in 1928

Sukamara view of the village. 1928

View of Sukamara 1928

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