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In the days of yore, in the interior forests of Central Kalimantan, especially in Botanical Joyless forest, live many kinds of animals. But unique, these animals could speak like a human.
As noted above, there lived a sparrow named Ampit. These sparrows are women and in those days was growing up. Life is very poor sparrows, where this bird lived alone, foraging alone even make sarangpun alone. This sparrow is closed once, where he is far from the village animals in the forest. Sparrow is actually eager to live in the middle of the forest community, but unfortunately he did not dare because his fur is very ugly without the slightest hue.
At one time, when the sparrow is to plant rice seed in his field, there came a sparrow the other, once diaman exquisite fur. This sparrow is a traveler, whose primary goal is to find a mate. Male sparrow is named Ampat. When first met, Ampit sensed there was something else his heart, so is the Ampat is not much different from the Ampit. Some second time this bird glued to each other, without a word and sound, silence. . . !
With a full smile and friendliness, the Ampat greet the Ampit with gentle words said. Ampat explained to the Ampit that he was hungry because it had been 2 days without food. So, Ampitpun bring the Ampat to its nest to prepare food and beverages. In the evening, he asked the Ampit Ampat about his life, and also about everyday. Maybe because it feels right, in the morning two of these sparrows come to "Damang" in the forest. At that time, the position Damang on hold by deer. After deliberation by all citizens of the forest, then ditentukanlah good day for a wedding Ampit and this Ampat.
Arrived on the appointed day, all citizens hutanpun Kancil came to the house to celebrate the marriage Ampit and Ampat. At the banquet, all the undanganpun sit neatly. When the Bears want to take the food, everything scold Bear. Because the hands and nails and a long black bear, then the Bear was also told to wash his hands in the back. When finished washing his hands, Beruangpun come to pick up food. But once again his hand on hold by an ape, and was told again washed his hands to the back. Thus, it continues to happen, to the extent that food and beverages out there was no rest. Bear was very upset and ran into the woods, crying, Bear is vengeance upon all the inhabitants of the forest because the Bears considered all stingy and not pleased with himself.
So that this problem does not continue anymore, then came to the nest Damang Bear and all the forest dwellers to ask for Sorry, and also explains the problem sits. Damang with great charisma and commanding also explained to the Bears, that assumption is addressed to them all that's not true. Init problem is that the nails and bear arms can not be white, while they all do not know that hands and nails can not bear to be white. Because it is by nature a black bear from head to toe. It's all a misunderstanding, between Bear and forest residents. After hearing it all, Bear was conscious and did not hurt anymore. With a full smile, Bear also shook hands with all citizens of the forest and also forgave all of them. 

We return to Ampit and Ampat. After marriage, the two of them returned to the nest. Everyday they are both farming and also opened a new land. After years of living together, the pair also missed the sparrows are sweet and cute kids. So, pamitlah Ampat to his wife to be imprisoned in the mountains Bondang. His wife could not resist the Ampat, because her husband has been rounded and embroidery can not be contested again. With tears, Ampit also releasing her husband's departure with a heavy heart.
Several years ago, laying the Ampit this. But oddly enough, the egg that came out it was just a course. With great affection, the Ampit keep this egg with patience and also full of tenderness. Because he was alone, it is unlikely he will continue to keep the eggs constantly. Especially in the barn where the rice is low, then the Ampit reluctantly departs into the fields to grow rice. In the afternoon, Ampit return to the nest to prepare for the needs of these egg. But Ampit surprised, because in the nest had no eggs. With a heavy heart and go to pieces, fly home Ampit Damang to tell this incident. After hearing all the stories Ampit Damang, then in kumpulnya all forest dwellers.
What a surprise this Damang, after further careful snakes just are not coming. So Damang with all citizens of the forest was soon off to a nest of snakes, when we get there Damang then asked the snake why not come to the house of the Damang. The answer is very short snake once, that he was tired san glut so not able to walk into the house Damang. Damang and other residents became suspicious because in the vicinity of the snake there is no trace of blood, or feathers and bones of its prey. So Damang directly asked the serpent is, is it true that swallowed him sparrow eggs? Ularpun immediately angry and denies it all, in hamburkannya able to Damang and forest residents. Because they are threatened, they ran away all the snakes out of the nest.
Seeing it all, cry these sparrows. When the tears fall, so the water after reaching the soil surface. When the tears fall again, the water in the soil surface had a four inch height. And so on, until the snake was drowned and dead. After the water receded, the Snake has been destroyed, just behind sparrow eggs left in her abdomen. With a joyous heart, Ampit was swiftly taken and brought to the nest egg. From then on, Ampit always keep their eggs with a full alert. Because he did not want a similar incident will happen again, it is enough to experience it all worthwhile. To be more loving and more profound sense of the warmth of true affection. 

A few months later, menetaslah egg. So Break these Ampit child cry because of hunger, fly the Ampit to the barn to take a rice paddy. But unfortunately, all the rest is up there. So Ampitpun persuade his son to be quiet, and go the Ampit this to the fields to harvest rice. Not long after, this Ampit children wept as she said "plit-plit henna, I jeer germ ongku bo" which means it is I want to eat rice. "Patience my son, be patient" said the Ampit this. Not long after, he returned to the nest with this Ampit carrying rice. Arriving at the nest, with great affection in the rice give it to her child. Because too many children eat the rice, then this Ampit bengkaklah child's abdomen. Every day every night is always crying, because her stomach hurt. Therefore, this Ampit then departed the home Damang for help heal his disease. After the specified day, then went Damang and other forest residents to nest Ampit. We perform the Balian with Wasirnya is deer, not long after the child was healed this Ampit. After Balian is completed, then kumpulah all to eat. When all was eating, a dog came into the house of the Ampit. Mean heart wants to see Balian, but unfortunately it was too late. When the dog climbed into the nest Ampit, all the animals that exist in the guffaw. The dog becomes confused and surprised, and laughed Anjingpun bandwagon even though he did not know what actually laughed at her friends. Feeling sorry for the dog, then whisper Kancil that they were laughing at himself because he was naked and his cock all the tools visible. Hearing all that, then the dog is angry. Chased all the animals and laid abriknyalah all the nests of other forest animals. Sa'at dog was chasing hare, then in the sumpahinyalah Dogs. Any dog ​​whose name is on sa'at chasing deer would die, because dogs do not know the name of reciprocation and gratitude.
Several years later, he returned from the mountain Bondang Ampat out imprisoned. What a happy heart sa'at met his beloved wife and also met her beloved son even though he saw for the first time. And they lived happily until the end. 

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