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russian road ?

Asphalt road was straight and smooth. There was no shock when the car sped on it. This is different from the trans-Kalimantan road from Nunukan, East Kalimantan, to Palangkaraya, Central Kalimantan, which is full of holes and bumpy.
Locals know it as a road path-Tangkiling Palangkaraya. However, Gardea Samsudin (70) remember him as the Russian Road.
Samsudin, male from Bandung, West Java, is a little piece of witnesses is left of the road along the 34 kilometers with a width of 6 meters was built by engineers from Russia, first of The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. Along with dozens of Dayak, Samsudin and hundreds of other Java people working under the direction of dozens of Russian engineers. "I'm preparing the stones that became the foundation of this road," said Samsudin who is now settled in Palangkaraya.
Not easy to find other witnesses Russian road construction that want to talk. Sabran Achmad (80), Central Kalimantan, community leaders, said, many workers who helped build the Russian Road to hide. It can not be separated from the politics of the New Order which gives a black stigma to something that smells of the Old Order. And, the road built by Russian engineers were indeed derived from the Sukarno era, which is close to the Eastern Bloc countries was in 1950 until the 1960s.
"The road was built to mark the construction of the City of Palangkaraya. Previously, the road was a dense forest. Trees was this magnitude, "he said as he wrapped his arms Sabran.
Sukarno's dream
In the beginning was swinging an ax President Soekarno on a chip of wood in Pahandut, Kampung Dayak, in the heart of Borneo, July 17, 1957. A chip of wood split marks a new urban development that dreamed of Sukarno. The new city was later given the name of Palangkaraya, which means a holy place, noble, and sublime, which is designed as the capital of Indonesia Raya.
However, Sukarno dreams never come true. Palangkaraya is simply a capital of Central Kalimantan Province, dark and lackluster due to power shortage.
Designed as the nation's capital, Palangkaraya originally built with a clear concept. There is a grouping function that separates the functions of government buildings, commercial, and residential. The landscapes are designed to integrate land and river transportation.
Kahajan the orientation center in the northern city. A road was built in the city center toward the direction of Sampit. That road is now called the Road of Russia, the best national road all the way through which the trans-Kalimantan Borneo Cruising Compass Team with the Department of Public Works (PU). "We never again build a road as good as Russia is still smooth road despite decades. Look, other roads in Kalimantan newly built quickly once broken, "said Wibowo, Public Works Department staff member of the Regional Betterment Office VII Banjarmasin.
Digging peat
A piece of road was a witness proficiency Russian engineers to build roads in a very different soil conditions in their home countries. Sabran recounts, all the way dredged peat at the site. "After the peat dredged, created flow like a river. Then, the path filled with stone, sand, and solid ground, "said Sabran.
Tangkiling  mountain

On December 17, 1962, Russia completed the construction of road foundation. In later years, living installing drainage, hardening, and paving. Work is slow, but the results are excellent.
However, the planned road construction along the 175 kilometers through Parenggean then to Pangkalan Bun Sampit and then connecting the ports of Palangkaraya with river leading to the termination of this Java early in 1966. When the newly built road 34 km.
The change of power in post-Movement 30 September 1965 makes the Russian people rushed to leave Indonesia. All project workers do not want to hide myself because disangkutpautkan with Russia, the Communist Party of Indonesia, or even Sukarno.
Russian road construction story was finished. Everything smelled of Russia removed, including road building science engineer who taught them in joint-Tangkiling Palangkaraya. Road construction in Kalimantan never again start with dredge peat. However, enough with the foundation of Galam timber that is attached in peatlands that (the foundation is known as cerucuk). Road construction to be cheaper and faster, but road construction is not durable.
Head of Highways Department of Public Works Ridwan Manurung said Central Kalimantan Province, in theory, Palangkaraya joint Russian-built Tangkiling it is true. "We opened the road alignment, must be considered the basic soil structure, foundation, and the cover layer. If there is soil humus, should be replaced with sand, soil solids, or granite. Any deep peat, should be discarded, "he said.
According Wibowo, road construction with Russian technique that will cost three times more expensive than the technique performed by cerucuk, as we now make. "However, the age of the road with the Russian technique that can be five times higher than our ways," he said.
river / lake in tangkiling,,in water black?

This nation seems indeed like an instant. Sooner done, and quickly destroyed. (RYO / ful) source: Kompas.com
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