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Batu (STONE) Suli: Between Stone or silience stone

Nature tourism is considerable potential in Central Kalimantan pretty much scattered in the area, often in remote villages can be found. This is a regional asset that must be preserved and maintained its existence, because in addition contains a tourist attraction for its beautiful landscapes are also many stores that cultural values ​​of high and rich cultural diversity. One of them is a natural site, located at Batu Suli Diamond Mountain District. Distance district from the provincial capital about 200 km with the distance using the ground transportation for approximately 5 hours drive. Travel by boat from the port engine Tewah can be achieved in less than 2 hours. 

batu suli

Location of natural objects that stands firmly Batu Suli is adjacent to the location of the former concession areas. Flycatcher Wana Raya and HPH PT. Domas Raya Subdistrict Tewah, entrance area Kahajan and Miri River, precisely in the village of Batu Nyiwuh. The type of soil in this region are generally red podzolic and podzolic yellow red and alluvial soils are often found along rivers. This argillaceous soil types including fertile enough to grow a variety of plant species. Moreover, supported by climate type A (the value of Q = 5.2%) with relatively high rainfall that occurred from October to May, supporting the establishment of climax wet tropical rain forest type (tropical rain forest) is very rich biodiversity in it.
According to the story, the name Batu Suli was taken from a forest fruit that grows on the hill the stone of fruit Suli, cream-colored skin, thin translucent colored flesh and black seeds. The shape and size of the fruit is somewhat rounded oval of the little finger with a teenage girl about 10 cm long. Flavor is very sweet fruit with a distinctive aroma. It is very unfortunate because the existence of these fruits have started a rare and difficult to get it.
Enjoying the scenery during the journey to where it will be found many of the family tree-merantian meranti (Dipterocarpaceae), the type that dominate tropical rain forests, with canopy height and width combined with the beautiful architecture of the stem. Every now and then decorated with a panoramic view of nature that stretches green hilly lies with the form of a winding road like a snake crawling on the hill add treasures its natural beauty. Do not miss the feel of a typical residential Dayak communities with houses that dot the stage by the river and Lanting (houseboat) that line the rivers. All combined to create natural atmosphere in the interior of the exotic Borneo.
When viewed from a distance looked like giant Batu Suli mighty tower that stands on the banks of the river, while his leg playing in the ripples of water rushing along the beautiful rocks. What is interesting is the presence of Antang Stone is shaped like a small cave or hole, is a part that can not be separated because it is located in Batu Suli region itself. Stone Antang contains rituals and mystical values ​​that are still upheld by the local community. There are still a handful of legendary myth that if someone can get through the cave or hole is then life will improve, rejekinya will increase and other positive things. However, to reach the Stone Antang we must be patient and could take up many hours because the road through some rather difficult and steep. But the difficulty will soon feel neglected when the cool air that surrounded him.
It seems that the existence of Suli Stone is quite popular and has inspired the founders of the villages located in the vicinity and along the stream Kahajan and in the headwaters of the Katingan region to give the name of their village by the name of the stones. It is said that the stones are fragments of stone which restrict the flow of Suli Kahajan and Barito River until drifted aground in certain places and by local communities immortalized as the name of the village. Some of them are located in the village of Stone Mahasur Tumbang Pajange. Badinding stone located in the Katingan region, Stone Nyapau located in the village close to the District Tewah Nyapau. Ampang Batu Batu Nyiwuh adjacent to the Village. Nyiwuh stone itself is the name of the village where Batu Suli sturdy upright standing, and the other is the Batu Ampar.
Until recently, natural attractions Batu Suli condition was still very poor, far from the expectations surrounding communities who want to hang life from existence. Surrounding community life generally work and are still dependent on the environment, farming, looking for rattan, resin and hunting animals to fill spare time. This condition is possible because the location is very far from the provincial capital and the cost is still relatively expensive and the facilities and infrastructure in place that have not been adequate for visitors who want to spend the night and there tired release. This is certainly made of natural tourist attraction is to be left behind Batu Suli. Moreover, due to the lack of mass media in exposing the existence and uniqueness.
If we consider carefully the asset is very supportive in order to increase revenue (PAD) and is also capable of creating local jobs for local people and be able to introduce and raise the city of Diamond Mountain District in the eyes of other areas, because here is promising for refressing to enjoy nature and clean air above the towering rocks on the riverbank. Not enough, under this tourist attraction is quite swift flowing water with a rocky steep cascade, quite challenging for the younger generation who like water sports, especially rafting sport. Even allowing also to serve as the arena rafting on a national scale.
Judging from the uniqueness and natural beauty, attractions Batu Suli potential existence if managed properly. This would be the existence of human intervention and hard work proactively with communities and with relevant parties in promoting and managing tourism object is later. In the end, is expected to manage natural tourist attraction is able to contribute significantly to the surrounding community. The road toward tourism promotion has actually been there a speck of bright light, which is the name Batu Suli has been used as a street name and name of the star hotels in the city of Palangkaraya, Central Kalimantan provincial capital. Often people wonder about this unique name, but not yet satisfactory information is available to guests about the existence and potential.
As a final note, if we make Batu Suli as one of the prime tourist destination, let us start from now to maintain its sustainability and promote it to the outside world. Do not let happen rather than famous to the ears and eyes of the travelers, Batu Suli even more forgotten and eventually just become one of rock rock forever silent! (Yos)
source: http://ugiborneo.blogspot.com
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