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Maybe nobody ever knew what it was tiwah, may also exist that do not know or never even heard tiwah.
The word comes from the language tiwah Sangiang, Sangiang language is the language used by one of religion in Central Kalimantan, namely Hinduism Kaharingan. Sangiang language usually used by Hindu religious leaders Kaharingan to lead a religious ceremony. Tiwah ceremony by the community of Central Kalimantan in general assume that tiwah was a custom, but according to Hindu society Kaharingan tiwah is the process of delivering souls or in the language Dayaknya Liau into heaven or in the language Sangiangnya deliver to "Lewu Tatau Habaras Bulau Hagusung Intan He hiatus Bones
", which means a place of eternal or immortal, and the place was decorated with gold, jewels, diamonds, etc.. 

tiwah1 TIWAH?

Liau or spirit here is divided into 3 parts, namely:

1. Balawang length, for example such as hair or nails.
2. Karahang bones, eg bones.
3. Haring Kaharingan Liau is a real ghost or spirit.
The ceremony was led by Basir tiwah or Pisur. Basir is someone who has the ability to lead the ceremony - a Hindu religious ceremony Kaharingan particularly in the area Kahayan Kaharingan Hindu. Pisur that is the same as Basir but Pisur leading Hindu religious ceremony Kaharingan in the Katingan region. In general ceremony led by Basir relatively longer range of 2 months from the ceremony on Pimping by Pisur.
Ceremony tiwah generally done 5 years, but according to a family agreement that would malakukan tiwah ceremony. According to Hindu religion Kaharingan tiwah should be implemented for a sense of responsibility to the spirit and aims to deliver the spirit or Liau into Lewu Tatau (heaven). Tiwah ceremony could also be an interesting visit religious tourism.
According to Hindu religious belief Kaharingan, humans come from the descendants of King Bunu that led the way back to Ranying Hatalla Heaven (God Almighty).
Who is the King Bunu?
King Bunu was the son of the couple Manyamei Tunggul Garing Janjahunan Sea and Kameloh Putak Bulau janjulen Authorship Batu Kamasan blanket Tambun (really long name!). Crisp and Kameloh Tunggul Manyamei Putak Bulau is according to Hindu Kaharingan are human beings first created by Ranying Hatalla Heaven (God). And King Bunu memeng bequeathed to inhabit the earth with - typical features of their offspring could be dead or dying after a descent into the ninth. - Typical features of the other was King Bunu can not host, then changed his food was changed to rice, side dishes - dishes, etc.. As our food today.
King Bunu in anugrahi by Ranying Hatalla Heaven (God), an iron (Sanaman Lenteng). Sanaman Lenteng is an iron accidentally discovered by King Bunu when he played d river with his two brothers. The two brothers of King Bunu that each - each named King Sangen and King Sangiang. Iron is found by the three siblings was "strange", because that one end of the iron arising out of the water and the other drowned. If in a strange analogy, should the iron rod was submerged. King Bunu accidentally hold one end of Sanaman Lenteng who drowned and his two brothers hold one end of which arise out of the water, so that by his account because of King Bunu not deliberately holding the tip of a submerged Sanaman Lenteng, then life is not eternal like the other two brothers, Sangen, King and King Sangiang. Iron that they found it eventually made into boards Dohong Fortress (a type of tool that looks like a typical knife) by their father.
King Bunu and his two brothers also awarded by Ranying Hatalla sky a bird named Elephant Bakapek Bulau Camel Away Barikur Hintan walloping. They were awarded a bird when they were disebuah hill called Bukit Engkan buffer.
When they had found the bird, apparently of three brothers that no one wants to budge and continued to scramble to get the bird. - Then the king Sangen wielding dohongnya ago menghujamkannya toward the bird. Sehingg, the bird's blood came out and King Sangen took the initiative to hold the blood of the bird into a sangku (a bowl). And with a flash of blood is collected in the bird that was changed mneenjadi sangku gold, diamonds, and jewels.

Apparently, the siblings' father knows his son's third perrbuatan. So, with spiritual power, his father went to see her three children were. When I got there Manyamei Tunggul Crisp (their father) to see what has been done by his son because the father felt sorry for the bird and scared her three children "damned" by Ranying Hatalla Heaven for the actions of children - his son, the father was the spiritual power to heal wounds bird.
Because his eye on his brother who got the gold, diamond, etc. it. Thus, King was menghujamkan dohongnya Sangiang toward the bird so the bird's blood came out with a swift and he was doing the same thing that took its sangku to accommodate the bird's blood. It was also exactly the same as that obtained by King Sangen namely, gold, diamonds, etc.. And their father was finally heal the wounds on the bird. Thus, the bird was healthy again.
And again - again greed and envy that descend King Bunu. He also did what has been done by both his brother and he was getting the same results as obtained by the two brothers. And again - again the father was because he felt sorry for the bird's will to heal wounds and he made the bird. But apparently the bird's wound can not heal as usual. Eventually the bird flew with a wound and blood dripping wet areas it. Blood was dripping bird which became abundant wealth. Because the bird's physical condition is getting tired and the wound was getting worse, the bird was finally dead.
Finally, place the bird's death was filled with the eternal riches, and according to Hindu religious belief Kaharingan place called Lewu Tatau (Heaven).

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