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In ancient times, long before humans were created and sent down to earth, long before the universe was created, bertahtalah Creator. He is the Creator who has everything good and noble nature. He has the names that reflect all the good and noble nature that exist in IT. He is called Maha Singh, Supreme Perfect, Supreme Court, Supreme Majesty, Supreme Honestly, Supreme Straight, omnipotent, omniscient, Glory, Compassionate and Merciful, Supreme Justice, Supreme Eternal, Most Gracious, Most Great and All-Hearing. Who is the Creator who has everything nature Good and Noble, the Almighty, the Beginning and End of all these events is called Ranying Pohotara King Tuntung Matanandau Kanaruhan Tambing Kabanteran Month or Ranying Hatalla.
Ranying Hatalla enthroned in a place called Hall Bulau Napatah Diamond Hall Diamond Napatah Bulau on a plateau called Mount Bulau Kagantung Gandang Kereng Rabia Nunjang Hapalangka sky. Plateau is surrounded by waters called Tasik Malambung Bulau Hintan Bapantang Sea.
Ranying Hatalla has many helpers. They were created from light. Hatalla Ranying servants created long before the universe and human beings exist. They are a good spirit in charge of welfare and maintaining the safety and security interest. Ranying servants are privileged by Ranying Hatalla Hatalla. Some of them were given the power to liberate and tie.
The names of good spirits who helped Ranying Hatalla solve worldly affairs is Putir Selung Tamanang rice and rice-ruler, King Angking Ceiling ruler paddy and rice, Nyaru Menteng war-lord, wind, thunder, lightning, fire, and maintaining the safety and security tribe, Nayu-Ruler of war, wind, thunder, lightning, fire and maintain the safety and security of tribes Together with Nyaru Menteng, Pangantoha war-lord, wind, thunder, lightning, fire and together Nyarru Menteng Nayu also in charge of guarding the safety and security of the tribe, Tatu Janjalung Riwut-ruler of the wind and the duty to control all directions of the compass, Gambala Rajan Tanggara-ruler of the wind and together Janjalung Tatu Riwut duty to control all directions of the compass, King Tuntung Tahaseng-duty set age or breath of life man with the authority of Ranying Hatalla. If any man asks the longevity of the King Tuntung Tahaseng will facilitate communication with Ranying Hatalla anata human. Then there Tamanang Tarai Months worldly possessions in charge of caring whether they are new or worn, King Sapanipas duty to observe, maintain, and improve the lives of people whose fate is less fortunate, and King Mise Andau-controller which calculates the time and attention to time of day and night for human life. Then there is also in charge of King Single Sangumang bring good fortune, faith and perfection, Rawing Tempun Telung escort duty spirit to heaven, Mama Luhing Bungai health worker, Salutan King Nalawang Bulau duty to give wisdom and wisdom, King Sambang Death of the power of death and many more .
One time, make your way to the top of Mount Ranying Hatalla Bulau Kagantung Gandang Kereng Rabia Nunjang Hapalangka located in Batang sky Danum Mendeng Ngatimbang Sky, Guhung Tenjek Nyampalak Hawon. On the way to the summit plateau, Ranying Hatalla view a form. Looking at it exactly the same form with self-HIS, Ranying Hatalla asked, "O you who like my form! Who are you? " Being similar to the shadows were silent. Seeing that form silent, Ranying Hatalla said, "Because you did not answer me then you give a name. Your name now is Djata Balawang Bulau Kanaruhan Bapager Hintan *. You are the natural rulers in the bottom board that reigns Malambung Bulau Hintan Bapantan Sea.
Djata reside in nature under water. To get to the place of residence Djata, must pass through eleven guards who each have a name. The names of the guard is Tewang Lewun Bulau Bawin Side, Lewun Saluang Renten Tantahan, Mama Majarungkang Kiting, Indu Balida Tengkung Board, Balantau Sea, Ranyinh Manjuhan, Tampahas Hagambus Kadai, Law Indu Stuttering Rangkang, Baung Manangking Karis, my clothes Metup Indu-Merau , Bajai Katabelan Uluh Ponggok Pantar Rasau Rohong must address.
Once past eleven guards, only then can proceed with the trip through the soil to reach the bottom of the water. During the journey through this land, there are 17 doors that must be passed in order to reach the residence Djata. Seventeenth door, starting from the top to the bottom door named; tumbles Ayuh Bulau, Lawang Sahep, Lawang Pating, Lawang Edan, Lawang bars, Lawang Tunggul. Lawang Banners, Lawang Uhat, Lawang Baras, Lawang Authorship, Lawang Liang, Batu Lawang, Lawang copper, Lawang Salaka, Lawang Bulau, and Lawang Hintan. Once past the last door then came in an area where sea and river met. Under the sea and this river, Djata ruled over Ranying Hatalla generosity that gave him power.
After giving a name, and then invite Djata Hatalla Ranying Balawang Bulau to the summit plateau Hill Bulau Kagantung Gandang Kereng Rabia Nunjang Hapalangka sky. At the peak plateau, witnessed by Djata Balawang Bulau, Ranying Hatalla said, "How beautiful if I made the earth, sky, moon, stars, sun and everything in it. I will make three realms and their content through the creation of eight times to meet the beauty that KU wants. Thirdly it is the nature of nature, the earth and its contents as well as natural down. Do you agree, O Djata Balawang Bulau? " Djata Balawang Bulau nodded.
Ranying Hatalla then release Sarumpah Bulau * somewhere. Instantly there was thunder booming. Lightning snapped-grabbing. Sarumpah Bulau then transformed into a dragon. Ranying Hatalla first creation was formed.
After that Ranying Hatalla Lawung uncover Antang release. Opening and put it on top of the Dragon. Instantly there was again a rumble. Thunder boomed and lightning snapped-grabbing. Lawung uncover Antang suddenly transformed into a plot Sintel Habalambang Tambun, Liang Series Habangkalan Authorship. It is a land full earth with the sea, rivers, lakes and everything in it is also the plants that live in soil. The second creation Ranying Hatalla formed.
To make the creation of the third to the eighth, Ranying Hatalla decided to take a good properties owned and noble as the base material HIS HIS creation. Ranying Hatalla then take Pandereh Buno namely His noble nature that most straight, very honest and very fair. Accompanied by the roar of thunder, Pandereh Buno transformed into a large tree that is very lush with ripe fruit didahannya. By Ranying Hatalla, this tree is named Batang Garing or tree of life. Unlike other trees that have been formed prior to the creation of a second incident, Batang Garing or Tree of Life has a fruit and leaves made of gold, diamonds and all types of jewels.
After creating Batang Garing or Tree of Life, Ranying Hatalla then take Peteng Liung Wanang Ring Ropes. It is the nature of the authority which Almighty and Majestic Ranying Hatalla. When Ranying Hatalla take Peteng Liung Wanang Ring ropes, there came a deafening roar of thunder. Rope Circumference Liung Peteng Wanang then transformed into a Singleton Hi Nipeng Pulu Island. This is the power of the Most Powerful of All Greatness Ranying Hatalla corner.
After the creation of the fourth. Ranying Hatalla told Djata, "I want to take you to eat betel nuts have I put myself in the creation of a second. I want to show you the properties MY others in order to become an example for you. " Ranying Hatalla then invite Djata Balawang Bulau eating betel nuts His creation, created in the second incident. Ranying Hatalla want to show the properties of His Most Gracious and Merciful, All-Just and Wise, and Most Beautiful in Djata. While we were eating, menggelegarlah lightning. The fruits are edible nut turned into three birds that female hornbills, eagles and hornbills male.
Ranying Hatalla has created the dragon, the earth and its contents, stems crunchy, power, female hornbills, eagles and hornbills male. But there is no sky, moon, stars and sun. Also there is no dark and light. Then, accompanied by rumbling thunder that sambar-grabbing, were created the heavens, moon, stars and sun. The sky is made of seven levels. Each level has a keeper. Specified by Ranying Hatalla that the seventh heaven is the ultimate heaven. There is no higher heaven than the seventh heaven. This seventh heaven Ranying Hatalla enthroned with all the power of HIS.
Having created the heavens finished, Ranying Hatalla want a beautiful decoration for the sky. In addition to beautiful, Ranying Hatalla want to decorate the sky is also useful to humans later. So Ranying Hatalla create stars. These stars will help people while working in the fields and when people travel with a signpost.
Then Ranying Hatalla determine light and dark. Thus were created the sun and bulan.Terang called noon when the sun appeared. Dark is the night when the moon is visible.
The universe is complete. After all finished created, Ranying Hatalla said to all His creation, "O dragon, earth, water, sky, moon, stars, sun, hornbills and eagles, I tell you occupy your place respectively. ME is Ranying Hatalla, creator, ruler and your owner. I was King and God you. ME is the Almighty, the Beginning and End of all events, and light-KU glory bright, clean and holy, is the eternal light of life eternal and I call it Hintan Kaharingan. " Dragon, the earth and its contents, sky, moon, stars, sun, hornbills and hawks her head down and prostrate before Ranying Hatalla and declare their loyalty pledge and oath. After the oath and the oath, each go to a designated place Ranying Hatalla.
Now Ranying Hatalla want to complete the seventh His creation with the creation of the eighth. Ranying Hatalla wanted to create humans, inhabitants of the universe. But before creating man, Ranying Hatalla want to create seven kings who would be friends and help bring His teachings to man Ranying Hatalla.
So, Ranying Hatalla take two more properties of self-HIS. Both the nature of it is that His Glory Glory and His Majesty the Exalted. Ranying Hatalla then unite the two properties until it formed the Diamond Hill and Gold Hill. Each hill has a bright light that glowed soft and warm. Diamond Hill in a collision of light rays that are attached to Gold Hill it gives birth to seven kings Ranying Hatalla desired. The seven kings are each given a name. They are the King Mandurut Fortunately, King Mandurut Bulau, Raja Barakat, King Angking buffer, King Garing hatungku, Panimbang Blood King, and King Tamanang.
After the seventh king was created, and then unite Hatalla Ranying Diamond Hill and Gold Hill. 
Unification of these two hills will become the creation of human embryo .*** 

This story is excerpted from the story creation process according to the trust Kaharingan version Katingan Region and merged with the Regional version Kahayan
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