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45 Percent area will Kalimantan So the World Lung

The government will allocate 45 percent of Kalimantan as the lungs of the world, as part of efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 26 percent by 2020.

Aerial photographs of forest in East Kalimantan (photo: dock). Greenpeace said the government should review the concessions if the target of 45 percent Kalimantan as the lungs of the world.

Fathiyah Wardah
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.President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono recently signed a Presidential Decree on Spatial Planning of the island of Borneo. In a presidential decree stated that the government would allocate 45 percent of Kalimantan as the lungs of the world.
Secretary General of the Ministry of Forestry Daryanto to VOA in Jakarta said the move was made as an effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 26 percent by 2020.
Daryanto explains, "stated 45 percent for conservation and functions well protected vegetation cover dalah humid tropical forests designated as lungs of the world. So we hope that biodiversity, tropical forests, rich flora and fauna such as in Borneo and this endemic prevented its extinction, destruction., and we can do the rehabilitation and protection activities as well as areas that serve protected, because that protection is important for the water system. "

Hadi added in addition to forest issues, the rules on spatial Borneo include energy independence and national energy storages for power, mining and palm oil.
The government said coordination will be done by local governments in the four provinces. Furthermore, Hadi said the government also plans to make the most of the area in Papua and Sumatra as the lungs of the world.
"Dismantling the forest be nice if we unload and we release carbon will not be able to fulfill our commitment of 26 percent. So there will be another spatial Papua island, it's being made, there are 4 islands coming out, the new Borneo," said Daryanto.
Meanwhile, Greenpeace forest campaigner, Bustar Maitar meyatakan government should conduct a review of existing concessions in Kalimantan if you want to make 45 percent of Kalimantan as the lungs of the world.
"To reach 45 percent, which should be done by the government conducted a review of existing concessions in Kalimantan. Without it I thought it would be impossible to reach 45 percent. Politically we look good, we support it, but then it is a political commitment alone is not enough. to be completely realized in the field. Otherwise, we risk being committed something without any realization, "said Bustar Maitar.
Bustar said President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono is not enough to issue a presidential decree. President Yudhoyono said Bustar should lead directly reexamination of existing concessions.
If it is not done then, according Bustar, destruction of forests in Indonesia will continue to happen.
from : http://www.voaindonesia.com/content/article-45-persen-wilayah-kalimantan-akan-jadi--paru-paru-dunia-138319194/104186.html
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