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Graves Century 18 Biggest Found

Human skeleton in an urn in the grave site urns District Sangasanga, Kutai regency, East Kalimantan, on Saturday (5/6). The research team from the Institute of Archaeology Banjarmasin found 52 urns containing human remains in excavations for 21 days. The tomb is thought to have existed since the 18th century.

Monday, June 7, 2010 - Tenggarong, KOMPAS - Archaeological research team found the grave human-18th century the largest in Sub Sangasanga In, Sangasanga district, Kutai regency, East Kalimantan. The grave was in the form of 52 tajau or jar containing a human skeleton, three skeletons were intact.

Burial Research Team Leader Tajau Sangasanga Sugiyanto Bambang told reporters on Saturday (06/05/2010), said the graves tajau, jars, or martavan is already on the 18th century and became the largest ever found in Indonesia.

Chinese urn patterned carvings from the 16th century until the 18th century. Plates from the 18th century. Bone and soil samples sent to a laboratory in Jakarta to determine the age and type of grave human race.

Three jars were intact now secured at the Museum of the Red and White Sangasanga. The rest broke into pieces and dumped back at any time to further research dismantled. Each jar contains the framework of a single individual with no possessions.

Framework in secondary burial jars is a pattern on the Dayak traditions. Secondary means that the body buried in the ground until transferred to the jar with traditional rituals. The number of individuals in the urn depict a minimal number of animals sacrificed.

Head of Archaeological Heritage Preservation Hall Dublin Tri Edi Haryantoro ask Kutai regency government to secure the status of the excavation site.

Sangasanga known as the Dutch heritage. There were residential oil and gas company employee nod of the 19th century. There, a battle between Indonesia and the Netherlands in the early period of independence. (BRO)

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