Sabtu, 20 Oktober 2012

things that only exist in Borneo


 Banana GAMBUR

Have you ever come across this one banana tree, banana supposedly only grow island of Borneo, the Dayak people call it a Banana GAMBUR.

Specific features of this banana tree dr ill forming clumps grow single alias, and none were a child or shoot around, breeding through its seeds which is a lot, but bananas can not be consumed because it supposedly bananas as a natural contraceptive society Borneo, roots mixed with other materials and drunk so she is not going to have any more children;


Type owl Borneo.

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Oval face with the characteristic shape of 'leaf love'. Part not too bent and slightly flattened elongated faces hidden in the fur. Segment of leg length and the lower segment unfeathered. Thin black fur speckled with brown dominant color beige black:

from: Borneo
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