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History of Establishment of Central Kalimantan Province

By Boby Arya-Umar Anggen The Dayak United (File)

Barito region, Kapuas and Kotawaringin very rich in natural resources (NR). But unfortunately for members of the South Kalimantan, do not enjoy the fruits of that wealth. In poor condition, the Dayak leaders emerging desire to have their own separate province of South Kalimantan. ELLEN D, Palangkaraya.

DESIRE formation province alone produces States Kaharingan Dayak Indonesia (SKDI) dated July 20, 1950 in the village of Tangkahen. Andung Sahari is chairman. The Congress SKDI Bahu village Pallava dated July 15 to 22, 1953, appearing Dayak community's desire to be given an autonomous region off South Kalimantan. The Congress approved a nonbinding vote No. 1/Kong/1953 dated July 22, 1953 that the contents forming the central government of Central Kalimantan province before the 1955 General Election with the region include Barito regency, Kapuas and Kotawaringin. However, the motion was not addressed by the Minister of Home Affairs period. December 1955 in Jakarta, Indonesia All People's Congress (KRSI) implemented. This is an opportunity re-establish the Dayak community demands. But, again, these demands can not be met by government center. Congress only approved the expansion Kalimantan province into three, namely West Kalimantan, South Kalimantan and East Kalimantan.
Kalimantan region (Barito, Kapuas and Kotawaringin) under South Kalimantan. The reason for the central government at that time, Kalteng not afford to pay the housekeeping area as the autonomous regions and the financial condition of the country are still not allowed to form a new province. Human resources (HR) in the region, especially skilled and educated workers to the task of governance and development is also expressed still lacking.

"People are very sorry Dayak Kalimantan radio address Mendagri (time, Red) which states have established time for residents of Central Kalimantan Province reached approximately 500 thousand inhabitants. It also said the Dayak community has not been a determination that has life / society are well established and there are no young intellectual. Actually, the reason it is very weak and sought after, "the history of the struggle for a glimpse of the book that was written Kalimantan province formation Drs F and Sion Ibat Chornain SmHk Stomach this.

Although the demand is not met, the spirit of Isen Mulang (persist) to achieve autonomous provinces remained embedded in the hearts of the Dayak community at that time. On the one hand, the character of the people of Central Kalimantan Dayak concert spearheaded Mahir Mahar. On the other hand, young people under the leadership of Christian Simbar aka Uriah Mapas struggling Mandulin holds up in arms over Mandau Talawang Pancasila Movement (GMTPS). Members GMTPS determined to fight to the death. Therefore, GMTPS allegedly by security forces as a movement that makes unstable security.

Momentum is used congress urged the central government to immediately establish Kalimantan province. Kalimantan People's Congress was held at Chung Hua Tsung Hui Building, Jalan P Ocean Banjarmasin on December 2 to 5, 1956. While congress, GMTPS troops armed struggle in the countryside. Since the congress, Sahari Andung had assumed there would be arrests. Allegations were true because the return of the Congress, Sahari Andung, Willy Djimat and Robert Bana were arrested at their respective places by security and thrown in jail in the Gulf, Banjarmasin for three months.

"On October 19, 1953, the parent GMTPS headquarters in the village of Round Buntok attacked police officers, causing civilian casualties, that Tina (grammar school pupil / SR) is death / died on the spot. Getuk and Nyurek (communities) seriously injured. As a result of the police raid, 86 members GMTPS Simbar led Christian counterattack against Buntok Police headquarters on 22 November 1953. The battle that brought a lot of victims of the security forces, civil servants, civil society and GMTPS. Police surrounded the headquarters of the two majors so there is no way out and many of them are the victims, "the authors wrote on page 22.

1955 Election GMTPS stop physical activity because it did not want to say as the party that made the mess. Post-election, gunfire occurred again. Among others in Pujon in November 1955, clashes in the village of Madara with the military, Butong Village, the Village and Village Hayaping Lahei. In the physical clash in the army and GMTPS Hayaping on December 15, 1955, the wife of Christian Tate Rusine Simbar made him pass for 605 Battalion arrested so troops can GMTPS escape and save themselves.

GMTPS physical activity increased in 1956 because there was no sign of the seriousness of the government formed Kalimantan province. Gun battle with security forces are common. Finally, based on the Decree of the Minister of Home Affairs Decree No. U/34/41/24 dated December 28, 1956, preparatory work began to be formed Kalimantan province starting January 1, 1957. The central government through radio broadcasts also requested that the gunfire stopped. Completion of the Regional Committee for Victims of Chaos (PPKKD) Kalteng formed headed by Mahir Mahar. Duties, talks with GMTPS.

Dated March 1, 1957, there was a negotiation in the village of Madara, Buntok. The talks resulted in several key decisions, including the establishment of the province of Central Kalimantan area includes Barito regency, Kapuas and Kotawaringin be approved by the government. No charges / legal process for all victims, both from the GMTPS and the security forces and the distribution of GMTPS members who are interested in the army, police or civil servants. Then, capital assistance for members who wish to seek appropriate GMTPS expertise and delivery GMTPS weapons to the government through traditional ceremonies.

Negotiations in progress ended with the establishment of Central Kalimantan province on May 23, 1957 by Tjilik Riwut as its first governor. "Kalimantan is the only province that formed the Emergency Law. Formation is a meeting point between the demands of the Dayak community either through negotiations or armed movement GMTPS the government's seriousness in addressing these demands.

Furthermore, each dated May 23 is celebrated as the anniversary of Central Kalimantan province, "wrote Zion Ibat and Chornain Stomach.

From the website of the local newspaper "Kalteng Post Online"
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