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Respected contribution Dayak Open Line In Carstensz Pyramid

Mountain climbing is a hazardous activity that can be done by people who know and understand the purpose of a trip. Carstensz Pyramid is the highest peak of the mountain land Jayawijaya contained in Papua. This peak was first discovered by Jan Carstensz, when the voyage he saw a mountain peak covered by a white layer is a layer of snow expected. Originally opinion of Jan Carstensz not accepted by researchers and adventurers west, this is because Papua is located in the tropics is very little potential for ice formation. New in 1913 is evidenced by the words of Jan Carstensz a British Naturalist AFR Wollaston succeeded in reaching nose Carstensz Glaciers on the South side after a grueling journey through the jungle on the southern coast of Papua. He takes 92 days to reach the final 50km

      Failures continue to be experienced in achieving the top of Carstensz, finally seoarang Austrian nationality climbers H. Herrer with some colleagues managed to reach the highest peak in the Oceania region, Carstensz finally conquered. But behind the glittering success of climbing Carstensz Pyramid, only a few people know of a fact that the Dayak role as a pioneer of the very vital. Borneo's indigenous tribes are the ones who are given the gift and the gift by the creator of the clans which have strong energy and natural resistance to torture. They are also well known as a pioneer of the river, with the clothes on their backs they managed to deliver H. Herrer and his colleagues to the summit of Carstensz. The award is given for the amount of services Dayak tribe in climbing Carstensz piramind characterized by naming one of her climbing line is Dayak Pass. A pathway for the brave

Teuku Ahmad Hidayat (J 266.27 BSL)
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