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The story of a prostitute orangutans in Borneo jungle

Pony orangutans used as prostitutes. vice.com © 2013 Merdeka.com
- Pony orangutan dijadikan pelacur. vice.com ©2013 Merdeka.com

An old news up again because in crowded social networking site Twitter. Orangutan origin Kerengpangi region, Katingan, Central Kalimantan become depraved lust slut serving many men in that place.

Vice.com site reported this incident occurred five years ago (2007). Pony's name orangutans live in the middle of localization in Kerengpangi. She maintained by an unnamed mistress. Around the age of five years taught Pony began serving pleasure seekers.

Based on interviews with director vice.com Borneo Orangutan Rescue Organization Michelle Desilets, very sad state of current Pony rescued from prostitution. He chained, lying on a mattress, and all his fur shaved.

Pony has been trained as a prostitute. If there is a man walking toward her direct style like prostituting themselves. Pony mistress said to star in brothel. Revenue mistress was so many times and he was considered a fortune because of the concubine always wins if there is gambling toggle Pony.

The guests loved the Pony. They could have chosen a man whore, but many also have sex with the orangutans. To be comfortable all Pony fur was shaved. Pony so often bitten by mosquitoes and skin irritation and even breakouts.

Need Pony annual saving from the spot. Forest police and local authorities do not give up just like that Pony on Borneo Orangutan Rescue Organisation. Confront them with guns, knives, and even equip themselves with AK-47 assault rifle.

When Pony dispossessed of his mistress, the mistress hysterical and called animal rights activists as inhumane because it has been separated as the mother and child. "At least make me sad, there is no law in Indonesia arrange this. They still roam free without being punished for what they did," said Desilets.

Although old news but lots of new Twitter fans know. Many people said the man had been ill at all levels.

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