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The mystery of the disappearance of Mountain Meratus Kalimantan Captain Muller

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The mystery of the disappearance of Mountain Meratus Kalimantan Captain Muller

In Borneo there are mountains that stretch from the west to the eastern part of this island. Mountain is not too high, but we can imagine the area and length as three provincial stretches through South and Central Kalimantan and East. Growing mountains lining the pathway is referred to as Mount Meratus.

There is NO clear definite picture of how long and many of the mountain. As depicted while largely expected only speculative uncertain - both about the number and size mountain in length. The book "In Inner Borneo" by AW Nieuwenhuis in 1894 was not even a mention of it.

Known, A.W. Nieuwenhuis Dutch citizen who is also a physician as ethnographer and anthropologist, supported by the Maatschappij ter Bevondering Van Het Natuurkundig Onderzoek der Nederlandsche Kolonien (Association to advance research in the Dutch colony) - formed three teams of experts knowledge mapping, trenching Suber nature, research on rural residents, as well as flora and fauna. The team traveled from West Kalimantan along the Kapuas River to the head of the Mahakam River and ends up to Samarinda in East Kalimantan. This expedition was no explanation of the extent and length of Mount Meratus. Though they've embarked on a journey from Pontianak Kapuas River in West Kalimantan.

The trip, in addition supported by the Maatschappij ter Bevodering het van der Nederlansche Natuurkundig Onderzoe ​​Kolonien, also backed up by Resident Water Afdeeling van Borneo, located in Pontianak West Kalimantan. This was driven by the overwhelming interest in other countries that sent representatives to the island of Borneo to do research at the same time trying to do the occupation. Just as in the 18th century, when English and Dutch to violence and intimidation to the inhabitants of Borneo island. Among them, the adventure Alexander Hare in Banjarmasin in 1812, James Brooke and Robert Burns in 1848 in Sarawak which seeks to establish a kingdom for himself, James Erskine Murray enters the British people Kutai in 1844 that led to war with the camp died because the Kingdom of Kutai, then Muller 1825 and 1828 Dalton is exploring Borneo on behalf of the Netherlands.

Zei was an officer of the army of Napoleon I, named George Muller, entered the Dutch Municipal. Muller got the task of making a relationship with the Sultan Sultan in Borneo coast in 1825. Muller set out with an army consisting of Javanese people. Its primary mission, if Sultan Sultan that he came out of line, then the Sultanate will be fought and destroyed to be occupied.

However, do not let the Kutai kingdom threatening the state. As a result, there was a battle that forces George Muller shattered and scattered ran into the woods. Noted, Javanese soldiers who survived achieve the western part of Borneo are but a living one, being alone and Muller fate of the rest is unknown forces.

There is news that George Muller with his followers were killed in the area around the Kapuas Hulu November 1825, precisely in the river Bungan. But, the story is only approximate obscure the truth. To be sure, Muller was never found until now.

There is also another story about army fugitives being pursued Muller Kutai Sultanate. It is said, because losing Muller ran up to Mount Meratus and disappeared there. Muller said the kingdom is protected by supernatural forces who are in the mountains Meratus.

Stories about Mount Meratus also expressed by elderly residents of South Kalimantan Hill Tribe Called Amung Tahe. Men who have lived in the hamlet hereditary Rangit - Meratus foothills recounted his life, when venturing to explore Mount Meratus. Rangit hamlet itself is a village that can be reached from the interior Paser. But not known for sure, is included in the village or district where. But within the map area includes the area of ​​South Kalimantan.

Hill Tribe themselves to their community, they do not understand about the village where he lived is included in the area of ​​South Kalimantan, East Kalimantan or Central Kalimantan anyway. For them it is not an issue. Clearly they could have been there everywhere. For them, the forest is home and their lives.

In general, the hill tribes dwell in the wilderness around Mount Meratus both sides. It is said Amung Tahe, the mountain there did amounted to one hundred mountain. But that can be counted mountain there are only ninety-nine pieces. Then one of the mountain's highest peak is the parent and which rarely can be seen by naked eye.

From the foot of the mountain to the summit to rise up and seventeen seventeen down. According Amung Tahe, at the highest peak is an abode of Maharaja Meratus that can not be seen or unseen. Except if required by the Maharaja.

That said, at the top of the mountain peak is fairly broad plains. In the plains there is a building where the Maharaja's palace resides. Mount Meratus magical kingdom is not only itself, but there are more small kingdoms diseputarnya, which is also called the kingdom of the supernatural (Bunian).

In this mountainous region is very rich in forest products and natural. Once there was a person, when walking in creeks that are in there find the diamonds and chunks of gold on a stone wall at the edge of the river mussels.

People often unseen Meratus down from the mountains to the various cities, both in South Kalimantan, Central Kalimantan and East Kalimantan. Most of them disguised as hill tribe people who trade high quality agar wood and carrying chunks of amethyst and ruby ​​are still raw
. The goods they sell or barter with tobacco, salt, perfume oils, grains and even beads and pearls.

Tahe amung also told me, that the deceased father who often venturing into mountain areas Meratus, claimed to have met with the reddish-brown-haired tall dressed like Westerners (Dutch tempo doeloe_Red) escorted by several men in uniform. But when people followed the sudden disappearance is not known where.

According to the story the people who lived in this area all Meratus they also often see people dressed in Dutch with the old days walking with some people in uniform complete with guns and swords. However, if pursued, then what they see it disappear.

That said, from face and clothing as well as the signs contained in this Dutchman characteristics similar to Captain George Muller who lost it are unknown. If true, it is seen George Muller, of course, has become the supernatural. Some say that his spirit was still curious and wander along the mountain because Meratus killed. It could also be that he was killed because people were massacred by the wild in the outback who was still primitive.

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