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Agro Best Efforts to Save the Orangutan Foundation

OFI Hold, Ready So Mr Foster
Concern orangutan rescue not only the responsibility of government alone. Best Agro Foundation felt called to perform rescue endangered species from the threat of extinction. Like what?
Through PT Wana Sawit Subur Lestarisalah a subsidiary of Best Agro Foundation-animal rescue primates were performed. PT Wana Sawit Subur Lestari has oil palm plantation area not far from National Park, Tanjung Putting (TNTP).
In a caring, PT Wana Sawit Subur Lestari took Orangutan Foundation International (OFI). In addition to saving orangutans related, co-operation carried out also in terms of the environment.
Forms of cooperation, the company will not kill if there are orangutans who entered the plantation area. The firm also prepared a Foster Parent for the orangutans, as well as the needs and kebaradaan orangutans in the vicinity.
In addition, Best Agro Foundation also provides training to employees related to the handling of estates orangutans. "This is one of our programs for the conservation of orangutans in Central Kalimantan. We've decided and ready to become a Foster Parent of the existence of orangutans," said Foundation Legal Director Best Agro H Muhammad Milky Darta orangutan rescue training was interrupted on Saturday (21 / 8) earlier.
In addition to concern for the existence of an increasingly endangered orangutans, Best Agro Foundation also has other programs that closely related to the environment. In the orangutan rescue training activities held by Best Agro Foundation presents Professor Birute Galdikas Presides OFI. In the material is given an understanding of the conditions and the properties of the orangutan, then about diet, as well as the types of orangutans. Equally important, participants were also taught how to respond if there are orangutans get into the plantation.
According Birute, the number of primates are predicted to increasingly scarce in Central Kalimantan. In addition to its environmental factors, rarity is also due to low reproductive capacity among females. "Orangutans are bearing children only once in eight years. And this is their habit, although they more often to mate, still not pregnant," he explained.
Also described until now there is no researcher can be sure, how to set the distance this orangutan birth of her child. "Maybe they have a concoction of herbs or hormones to delay pregnancy," he said.
Lifestyle both types of primates are also different. Monkeys generally live in groups and frequently married. While the preferred type of orangutans live alone. So do not be surprised if orangutans are rarely married and pregnant because of lack of association.
Just note the number of Bornean orangutan populations diarea currently 54,567 tails, then for the total population of 61,234 wild birds.
The details are the 11,017 Sabah, East Kalimantan Central Kalimantan 4825 31 300 tail, Kalbar Sarawak 7474. "Central Kalimantan is the largest orangutan population. Therefore we must preserve it because the conditions they are threatened with extinction," Birute beber.
After the training event, yesterday (22 / 8) all the trainees who berjumiah about 60 people would visit the Orangutan Care Centre Quarantine (OCCQ). There, all participants were given knowledge about the existence of orangutans that are in quarantine and then up to the release. In the event, visit the Best Agro Foundation also provides assistance to the OFI as a manifestation that the party best prepared to be a Foster Parent Fundation some orangutans who were there. (Source: Radar Sampit, 23 August 2010) Posted by Aditya Sucipto at 07:34 (http://aditya-pbun.blogspot.com/2010/08/upaya-best-agro-foundation.html)
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