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Trying Tourism railing River

River Barito in Central Kalimantan 

River in Central Kalimantan

River in Central Kalimantan
River  Kahayan in Central Kalimantan
River in Central Kalimantan

River in Central Kalimantan

Republika OnLine - Sunday, July 18, 2010, 10:57 GMT

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, Palangkaraya - Being in a ship that sailed along the clear river, splitting the peaty forest atmosphere, occasionally passing in the Dayak village area, a new form of tourism in Central Kalimantan (Central Kalimantan). Quid tour of the river, so called, is increasingly in demand lately because of the unique and distinctive.
On the way down the river, tourists, among others, to find plants typical of this region, such as rasau (kind of pandanus) is green, and a variety of wildlife the largest island in the ground water. Animals that are often encountered through this journey over water like orangutans (Pongo pygmaeus), bekantan (Nasalis larvatus), Uwa-uawa (Hylobates sp), Lutong, gray monkeys, and lizards.
From some locations the river's most reliable tour railing for railing River tourism Kalteng is Rungan-Kahayan Palangkaraya. Almost every day, there are just a group of visitors who come to enjoy a tour of the river edge. They were taken down and Kahayan Rungan River boat tour that has been provided.
Ships operated wooden Ulin (ironwood), two-story has a bedroom with air conditioning, bar, accompanied by 'live' music as well as a place to relax on the floor above.
Package tours offer the attractions of nature, not only to see the peat swamp forests, ironwood plants, wood balngeran, also to the fishing location, attractions eagle, orangutan habitat on the island of Kaja, and historical sites are stumbled Waterford Dayak Surapati buffoonery.Package tours offered quite affordable starting at Rp 750 thousand for 10 persons, inclusive of snack treats.
"The cost depends on the selected routes and the number of members of the entourage," said Head of the Department of Tourism, Art and Culture of Central Kalimantan province, Sadar Ardi, in Palangkaraya.
Based on a record, Central Kalimantan, have at least eleven large rivers with an average length of hundreds of kilometers, plus geographical and characteristics that are rich in tropical forests and culture. By looking at market share and foreign tourists and domestic tourists who are now beginning to trend like adventure tourism it seems kind of quid river is the right choice for this region.
Head of eco-tourism, Disbudpar Palangkaraya, Anna Menur states railing tourist attraction of the river so the local tourist icon, so continue to be promoted. Tourism promotion river railing not only through the mass media, print and electronic, but also through travel agents, even to the aviation agencies.
Pemko Party Palangkaraya through Disbudpar now scored hundreds or even thousands of copies of a paperback book kepawisataan Palangaraya which include promoting tourism quid river.In addition, the City Administration also publishes brochures, pamphlets about tours of the river edge. River railing is designed for tourists who love nature and life linkungai river in Central Kalimantan region, especially in Palangkaraya.
"If we are to our city, beautiful city of Palangkaraya will not seem complete without the thrill of adventure quid river, where you can watch a really natural exotic island of Borneo," said Anna Menur.
In addition to the river railing Rungan-Kahayan also now being promoted quid Sekonyer river in the district of West Kotawaringin (Kobar). Sekonyer River river route to the area of Tanjung Putting National Park (TNTP), in which there are endangered orangutan rehabilitation sites.
Excess Sekonyer River is a beautiful natural scenery there are also animal species are unique and interesting. As in the Kumai River section of the track there Sekonyer River Irrawaddy Dolphin type, but it also has a wildlife animal referred to the local community as dugong-dugong. Dugong-dugong, also known as sea cows, because their habitat is diareal seaweed at the mouth of a river.
Also traveling with kelotok Sekonyer River path (outboard motor boat) tour, will travel through the mangrove areas dominated by mangrove trees (Rhizophora spp), tree Pidada (Sonneratia spp) that grow roots breath (pneumatophore).
Another tree in the travel lane was kendeka (Bruguiera spp), and the tree nirih (Xylocarpus spp.)Citing a footnote, Crocodile River was the original name Sekonyer River, Sikonyer name taken from the name of a ship that is Sikuner ship. The original name of the vessel is modified based on the Malay language became Sekonyer.
Travel the path of this river and see the plant area Nipah (Nypa fruticans Wurmb) and region rasau tree, then continue to Tanjung Harapan Village Sekonyer, Pesalat place conservation education, tourism Tanggui Pondok, Pondok soar, Muara Ali, Long Lake to Camp Leakey Orangutan Rehabilitation location .
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