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Ninja Snail and Giant Insect from Borneo

Sunday, January 2, 2011
WWF discovered 123 new species on Borneo.

Snail "ninja" the long tail (Memo Schilthuizen / WWF)

VIVAnews - A frog without lungs, long-tailed snails to the world's longest insect is a new species found in the three years since the Borneo forest conservation plan was held.
The plan was jointly implemented by the government of Malaysia, Brunei Darussalam and Indonesia to protect 220,000 square kilometers of tropical rain forests are irreplaceable.
The World Wildlife Fund report entitled "Borneo's New World" discovered a new species on Borneo which became the world's lungs. The detail found 123 new species since conservation was held from February 2007.

"In the last three years, independent scientific discoveries prove the existence of the new life being discovered in Borneo," said Adam Tomasek, head of the Heart of Borneo (HoB) from WWF told, 23 April 2010.
For example, snails snail called long tail "ninja". These snails are found on leaves in the forest highlands, where the creature was like a long tail wrapped around its body when resting.
Conch is part of a unique family of invertebrate. He uses "arrows" while making love with your partner. Small spear will penetrate and inject hormones into pairs so that increases the chances of reproduction.

Other species are the giant insects that 57 centimeters in length. It was found in 2008 and only three specimens have been discovered. In Borneo, have long been known inhabited by giant insects, including several large cockroaches as long as 10 cm. The real explorers have visited the island of Borneo for centuries. However, a wide area makes this area of biology has not been explored.
"Overlay these irreplaceable forests can be preserved for our children," he said. The promise that it would be tempting to many discoveries that will encourage the next generation of researchers ponder. HoB is home to 10 species of primates, more than 350 birds, 150 reptiles and amphibians. Even more staggering 10 000 plants found nowhere else in the world.
Average invention since the HoB was formed more than three new species per month. These are facts sufficient to ensure that decisions to protect Borneo is the correct action. With so many new species discovered every month, the WWF has made a global priority areas.
Under the agreement, 2007, three government that controls the region of Borneo is committed to improving protection and management of cross-border region, tourism development, and support sustainable resource management.

Three of this year, said Tomasek, plan Heart of Borneo Borneo proved that the areas were indispensable for the conservation and sustainable development. How, by establishing a framework for action to protect global biodiversity of Borneo. Posted by at 11:53 Agustovo
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