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BKSDA Find New Location For Orangutans

Natural Resources Conservation Agency (KSDA) Central Kalimantan (Central Kalimantan), Section of Conservation Areas (SKW) II Pangkalan Bun is working to find a new place for the orangutans released into. Because the government sendiribersama Environmentalists target in 2015 is no more animals that are in place orangutan rehabilitation or quarantined.
Based on data from BKSDA Kalteng SKW II Pangkalan Bun, at least there are more than 800 heads of animals undergoing rehabilitation orangutan quarantine at two locations, namely at the Care Center and Quarantine Nyaru Menteng Pangkalan bun Palangkaraya.
SKW II Head Pangkalan Bun, Eko Novi said that in Pangkalan Bun Quarantine Care Center there are 300 fish species are undergoing rehabilitation orangutan, and very urgent to immediately look for a new release site.
To date, more Eko Novi, two disposals, namely Cottage Hanau and Wildlife Refuge which covers about 120,000 hectares Lamandau. But in these two locations can only accommodate a maximum of 200 orangutans rehabilitation outcomes. While in BC Lamandau been released as many as 160 fish species of orangutan, in cooperation BKSDA Central Kalimantan and the Orangutan Foundation of United Kingdom in terms of operational and research.
It is said Eko Novi, is currently not easy to find a new location in accordance with the habitat of orangutan, in addition to guarantee the availability of natural foods, but also the existence of orangutans do not cause new problems with the settlement residents around the forest. However, it is still doing a full survey and assessment capacity in some locations the expected suitable for wildlife habitat of the orangutan, and one of them in ex Rimba Raya concession in an area of 60.0 Seruyan District
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