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The origins of Dayak Tomun (In the discussion and controversy)

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from: Tingang Tomun

Culture and tradition is an absolute identity of a nation, both public and private idividu. The word 'tradition' can be described as: forwarding of information, beliefs and habits, either in words or by example from one generation to another. In other words, thoughts and values passed down from one generation to the next generation. Similarly premises traditions, culture, and the legality of a name from the Dayak tribe called Tomun. some opinions that say istlah Tomun msih ambiguous kelmpk tribe who call u d brdiam Lmndau watershed. My sodara2 keinginn bnyak wlaupn u called Tomun. jg else there, who said Balaman as mncoba mnwarkan Dayak identity in this Bakuba Bahaum earth. tp kdua ckup word is hard believers welcomed klau dpndang theoretical SCARA (identtas theory of ethnic) in the memory of this culture. Another argument says that adlah klmpok Tomun brdiam d Comm distinguished regions sebabi / new acid. Fridolin measuring Tjilik Riwut n another term u jg pnya this tribe.
Indeed, Tomun vs. Balaman 2 words the same meaning ... (together, the group) etc. according to language in the sense the same watershed Lamandau ..
Dyak Blaman exists, it hnya SJA kta Blaman dimksdkn for nam interest in watershed bermukm dyak distinguished dn Mentobi Bulik. Then as never hbgnnya with Dyk Tomun / Tomuai / Tomoun / Tomuan? The word "Tomun ... See More "has a connotation of meaning in the Indonesian language, namely: speech, deliberation, meet, the encounter to understand each other, understand, and know the true, and understand. Because the ability to understand each other and understand this, so that Tomun Dayak tribe called the largest Dayak tribe in the region Lamandau District. Jdi, Dyk Tomun real "NOT" to refer to tribal dyak dimksdkan it sbgai implementation NAME sbuah but lbih KPD meaning dn kta Tomun meaning itself. Well .. sdrhnanya: in Indonsia there are various MCM SKU sprti Java, Kalimantan, Sumatra, etc., ttpi smua disbut as org Indonesia. JG Bgtu dyak Tomun. There Blaman Dyk, Delang, Belantikan, etc., are united in 1 tp smua great interest Dyk: Dayak TOMUN.
Indeed, when viewed in the light of the meaning of the word of view. but u naming, it needs further study lbih. please read tulisan2 anthropologists about the origin of the word dayak / resource '/ dyak accepted as the first migration of ethnic identity that comes k island pndduk klimantan and concentrated in the original. jg same process of naming the tribe Dayak Ngaju DNG ...', maanyan, Iban, bentiaq, etc.. if we study the concept of identity formation that ... then there is one word that fits ... namely MAMA '.... which means the same as the word Dayak / Power '/ Dyak /, ma'anyan, Ngaju', bentiaq, Iban, land / klemantan etc. .... it's all in the beginning we reject ... we do not like being called Dayak / Power '/ Dyak at the start of construction of this term .... Dutch anthropologist who actually mempositivisasi this term so that we can accept into identity ... and now we have proudly called Dayak / Power '/ Dyak ... and for the record, we are proud betul2 called Dayak was bloody incident some time ago ... Dayak then terevitalisasi and terekontruksi. Well, Klo brdasarkn konsep2 that, indeed truthful learning prlu n continued research to determine what, who, and who bgmna SKU Dyk bahaum bakuba sbnrnya on earth of ours. So ..., in a challenge to our common BGI can memperkenalkn idntitas us who sbnrnya .. Dn mgkn we prlu pkirkn brsma tuha2 kdepannya to collect the customs, mantir, and the princes ula'k pages brsma Dlm our discussion forums.
This anthropological discussion describes the need for clarity of identity. Naming usually born from the construction of dialectics in life, especially the deepest values. Mis. ISRAEL = God's people, Dayak = civilized, FINDINGS / Tomun The easy means to "relate" to one another in a single clump (Da 'Keninjal, Da' Dsa, Da 'Linoh ... See More in West Kalimantan, Da' d Findings DAS seranau, cempaga upstream, middle mentaya, Seruyan middle, and even Da 'd Saribas & Iban Sarawak, & many more). Relations here merpkn indication that we are open and egalitarian. Structurally, semantics, and syntax, word FINDINGS / Tomun / Tomu-am most close to our existence urang / Da 'Lamandau with its tributaries. Will present and future generations change its name? We Da '/ urang Lamandau must have a meaning themselves who could be donated in the association of nations. (Post by: Comment fhoto Dayak Tomun: Aprimeno Abi Sabdey, Ciprianus Bedi, Tingang Tomun, and Yudhi Sifhu: 7-9 May 2010)
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