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This is the mythical mountain Ot Danum people. They named this place as Tantan Uhing Doung where the heroes declare holy intention to restore self-esteem that has been deprived of the wicked.
Direct chilling goosebumps when retracing Stone Ayau. As the son of the Dayak, the author knows exactly Stone is the place where the head-hunters Kayau expressed his determination to melpenuliskan headhunting. Revenge, hatred, and sin pengpenulisan shed in this place. "If you arrive at Batu Ayau melpenuliskan do not forget a little ritual," according to a message tetuha village before we left. The message continues to resonate as we spend the night in Takolok Ladder or Head of Household. Honest, direct anxiety attack because the author does not have to bring anything. "It does not have a sacrificial animal, sepucuk cigarettes also may," explains Amai Ica, participating Indigenous Tetuha take us. The explanation is reassuring thought, so I can sleep soundly that night. 

Under a yellow sun in the morning, with the reverence one clove cigarettes placed on the altar that had been prepared. Full of respect for the ritual re-enacting the author of my ancestors. There, the authors introduce ourselves as one of the descendants of the first time in Batu Ayau menjejakan foot. Then notify the intention and purpose of Compass Expedition Team through the place.
Line-Kayau Asang 

With steep walls of the upright, Stone Ayau do look creepy. In breast Sacred Literature Tatum or Ot Danum people, this place is called Tantan Uhing Uhing Doung Doung or Peak. In ancient times, in the 1652 meter high places is the man Dayak initiated. A young Dayak will not be dipenulisi as a grown man that never crossed this place. When a woman proposes marriage, then gently be asked "Do you ever cross the Stone Ayau?" The question is only allusion to know whether the man was never wander far from the village of birth to look for life experience. Also to find out whether he was a man suffering from a strong resilient when exploring the woods, wade the river and up the hill. More specifically, to find out if he had ever participated mengayau eastward is by passing the Stone Ayau. When Asang-kayau or still berlpenulis headhunting in the interior of Borneo, Muller is the boundary wall of separation between the tribes who fought each other. Asang different from kayau. Asang dilpenuliskan in large groups and attack dilpenuliskan with prior notice. Asang more of an expedition of the cutter head. While kayau dilpenuliskan by small groups, 3, 5, 7 or 9 people and dilpenuliskan by without notice. In breast Tatum told that in order to avoid savage Asang of the Mahakam river, Ot Danum people who live in Joloi River, the son of the Barito river upstream, the river must melpenuliskan Kahayan evacuation.
Expedition Team Rambang
"Back in the days Rambang, Tambun, Bungai and exhausted, on the catwalk ulin Stone Ayau there we called Pantar Rambang", explains Topus tumbles society, when asked about the Stone Ayau.
According to Tatum breasts, Rambang, Tambun, Bungai and exhausted is the Ot Danum hero figure. They are 4 young men who committed melpenuliskan baleh-bunu or cruel vengeance upon perlpenulisan Dayak Mahakam people who have made their ancestors were forcibly displaced to Kahayan. By bringing and 30 other people they melpenuliskan Asang the Mahakam river.
After tens of days exploring the jungle, they arrived at the foot of Mount Uhing Doung. To reach the top they make a ladder and ropes and hooks. They had to cut trees and collect rattan, then climb and binding. Through the steps and links that they arrived at Tantan Uhing Doung. From there they planned to march eastward toward the river Mahakam.
But they face problems on the ground because there are very steep mountain gap. The place they named plot Tapas or Supreme In Ravine.
To cross the great chasm in the team members make Pantar or bridge / catwalk of ironwood. The bridge was called Pantar Rambang Rambang or Titian. According Topus tumbles society, the great chasm in and Pantar Rambang it has magic, vanished from the eye and can not be found anymore.
In making the crossing bridge, one of the members of the expedition named Bihing fall into the abyss that Tapas plot. To seek and to save Bihing that falls into the great abyss, all the expedition team members gather all the cane that is in the Stone Ayau. However Bihing not found as well.
According to Punan Joyless at Topus tumbles, that's what resulted in no more cane plants around Batu Ayau. Rattan has been in use by the Expedition Team Rambang to make rope, to find Bihing the fall.
Once, to amuse Tambun and Bungai continuous crying for losing their beloved uncle Bihing, Ramang make Cow Sculpture. Until the 1980's stone by local people called the Cow stone is still there. But now the stone has been plundered by thieves and sold some where.
After crossing the chasm Tapas plot, then they walked down the mountain, heading to a village on the banks of the Mahakam river. The village was named Rangan Home, where the cages were cut Child Towong, the leader of a Dayak Mahakam fierce and valiant. According to the story there Asang melpenuliskan Ramang Expedition Team and win.
Stone Writing Sins
Places where Rambang make ulin and Batu Sapi bridge that is now called the Stone Ayau. In ancient times, every man who will go mengayau Dayak to east across the Rock Ayau that should make some kind of "writing of sin" that their departure is not just a fad or get an innocent person, but to take back the family spirit that has been direngut by the wicked. Such Pengpenulisan important reason for the Dayak dilpenuliskan shedding of blood for no reason is accursed deed.
Furthermore, in Batu melpenuliskan Ayau also home to several rituals before melpenuliskan assault. Rituals that include the ceremony mangahau Liau summon the spirits of families who had been beheaded by the enemy. The spirits were asked to get ready for it is the families who will come pick up.
Another ritual is mandoi buffer that is every member of headhunting expedition immersion bath of running water that is poured through the vines amulet or wicker basket. After that they marapi sabakang of cooking rice in bamboo Tamiang a length of about half a meter. Each person gets a piece of bamboo rice.
The peace-hunters
In the past, Land of Borneo was thick with horror. Coastal beaches are inhabited by the pirates and the interior is a bloody arena of the head-hunters. Historians and anthropologists agree, the situation is what makes this large population on the island was never much. On 22 May to 24 July 1894, approximately 830 people gathered in the Fall Anoi Dayak is a village in the Ot Danum Kahayan headwaters. They held a traditional meeting which is now called the Fall Peace Meeting Anoi. Peace Meeting was discussed about hakayau-haasang-habunu (cut each other's head, attacking each other-mutual animosity), the things that have been disturbing and make their lives uncomfortable. Very extraordinary! Dayak people who have been considered primitive within a period of 32 days has been talking about 233 cases. Case-case in question is a matter kayau (hunting and cutting head), habunu (revenge), jipen-kabalik (human sacrifices in the ceremony of death, the problem of hostage taking, robbery, the case of marriage and inheritance issues.)
Peace meeting held during the 32 days it managed to create a new history of the earth of Borneo. Civilization without wars and beheadings has been born. Collective agreements were taken, namely: to stop inter-tribal customs of war (Asang) and beheading (hakayau, stop the habit of revenge (habaleh-bunu). Since then no more victims of human head and slavery. Fines customary (jipen) which used in a way humans replaced with money. diberlpenuliskan customary law as tribal justice system.
On July 24, 1894, Peace Meeting was closed by lifting the oath together. In the presence of God the Creator, and witnessed by their ancestors swore that from that day until forever, whether they or their descendants, will no longer mutually-haasang hakayau-habunu. After that proceed with the ceremony of peace Tipuk Danum cleansing ceremony revenge and hatred.
Spiritual Pilgrimage
At the top of Stone Ayau seemed stuck a few small pieces of wood measuring about one fathom. At the end of the divided bar tucked into one or two clove cigarettes. "This is how the Dayak report itself, if the first time crossed the Stone Ayau shall give an offering though only sepucuk cigarettes, Ica Amai explained when asked what is the meaning of a small timber that is attached to it.
Despite an era-kayau Asang have passed since the Fall Peace Meeting Anoi 1894, Stone Ayau mystical charm does not fade. He is not just a steep steep wall storage Dayak stories of heroism, but also has become a place of spiritual pilgrimage. There are many Dayak people who deliberately come to that place. In addition to stepped-trace the story Rambang, Tambun, Bungai and exhausted, as well as for bahajat namely to declare the intention of the heart, inner concerns and ideals of life. Indeed, the authors wanted to go back to the Stone Ayau. In addition to flying the yellow flag and offered peace offerings, also to make pengpenulisan sin. Sin for not-helpless against looting wilderness "green gold" of Borneo into the lungs of the world.

* Marko is a Lecturer MAHIN Dayak Religion and Culture School of Theology at the Evangelical Church of Kalimantan, Banjarmasin and Researcher at the Institute for the Study of Dayak-21.
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