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So Ulin wood Tourism in central kalimantan

The existence of typical types of wood called Borneo ironwood (Eusideroxylon zwageri) which still grows in the forest area of the city of Palangkaraya, the capital of Central Kalimantan Province (Central Kalimantan) were used as the local city government attractions.
As stated by Head of Tourism, Department of Tourism and Culture City of Palangkaraya, Anna Menur, in Palangkaraya, on Monday (11 / 5). According to him, ironwood able to give color to the tourism of Palangkaraya.
Life ironwood trees in the forest to obtain the attention of tourists, not only the domestic tourists are also foreign tourists. Type the timber interesting to visit because it is kind of rare wood and can only be found in certain forests in Borneo, one of them in Palangkaraya.
Many tourists who know ironwood after becoming board, beam, or other bagnunan material. They never saw the wood in its original form. Ironwood trees that are still alive can be seen in the jungle city of Palangkaraya in the area of fringe attractions Kahayan river. Those who follow the tour will pass through the railing of the river are overgrown with forest trees ulin.
Ironwood can also be found in the area of Bukit Tangkiling attractions, a tourism park natural shades of the hills in the district of Bukit Batu, a distance of 34 km from the central city of Palangkaraya. In addition to ironwood, in this area can also be found in other Kalimantan typical wood species such as meranti, keruing, ramin and hundreds of other species of flora and fauna of difficulty encountered in other areas.
Difficult to obtain
Ironwood is a kind of rotten wood that is not easy either in water or on land. Therefore, it is hunted for wood building materials, primarily as a support of the house that is built upon a swampy area on the island of Borneo. Due to continued commercial use, the existence of ironwood increasingly difficult to obtain and the price is more expensive.
In some areas ironwood banned for commercialized. Wood traded and is renowned for its strength wood hundreds of years old were taken from their natural habitat in the forest. Although the price is relatively expensive to date no one has succeeded in cultivating ironwood trees.
Based on the record, ironwood is one of the wet tropical forest tree species that grow naturally in southern Sumatra and Kalimantan. This species is known by the name of the ironwood, Bulian, Bulian rambai, onglen, purchasing, Tabulin, and telian.
Ironwood trees including a large tree species which can reach 50 m high with a diameter up to 120 cm, growing at low altitude 400 m. Ironwood widely used as a pole building construction, shingle (wooden roof), floor board, frame, materials for building bridges, railway bearings, and other uses.

Source: KOMPAS.com

Hundreds are expected to ulin wood aged 600 years studied by the Central Archaeological Team Banjarmasin. Wood alleged relics of pre-Islamic kingdom of Banjar was found in the village of Old Muhur Patih, District Anjir Muara, Kuala Barito regency, south of Borneo
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