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Hulu Barito District built by the Dutch colonial government or now that we know by the name "Rifle Company C 631/Antang" in Puruk Cahu is built ± in 1939 or 1940 and used by Dutch soldiers as a base defense to ward off any attack from the enemy Indonesian people or indigenous people as well against attacks from foreign nations.
This situation is a portrait that in spite of a de facto end of the power of the Dutch colonial government, but in fact the interior regions of Borneo Island including Barito Hulu Districk region and surrounding areas that the Dutch East Indies colonial government still wants to control and maintain colonies.
Hulu Barito District by the Colonial Dutch East Indies were divided into 4 (four), administrative region called "Onder District" is as follows:
1. Onderdistrict Joyless with capital Puruk Cahu 2. Onderdistrict Laung and Tuhup with Capital Muara Laung 3. Onderdistrict Siangland with capital Saripoi 4. Onderdistrict Barito Muara Joloi Brongeheid with First Capital
During the Japanese occupation of state administrative jurisdiction to the District Barito Hulu did not experience any change included in the administration of tasks in the field of government, except for terminology and name of the position or the like that use the Japanese language, among others, to name Wedana position called "Guncho" and for the post of Assistant Wedana called "Fuku Guncho" this is because the Japanese government in power only as long as + 3.5 (three setegnah years), but this period is enough to make the Indonesian people and especially people suffering from both physical Puruk cahu and fisikis.
If in the past World War II District Barito Hulu Controluer led by an official from the military circles who doubles as the company commander who berkembangsaan Netherlands, in the sense that the military in power at the time, whereas in the reign of a supposedly said NICA has dibonceng by the Netherlands, where position is held by a civilian nationals dutch with the title "Het van Hoof Plaar \ tslijk Besteur", after the post was replaced within the meaning of the Dutch handed over to the Indonesian nation, the position was changed into Indonesian as "Head of Government Affairs" or with Another term is "Kiai Head".
Through the development of which was revealed in the historical record and after the handover of sovereignty of foreign nations and particularly the Government of the Netherlands East Indies, Japan and the NICA to the government of the Republic of Indonesia, which peak in the Proclamation of Independence of the Republic of Indonesia on 17 August 1945 there have been several replacements and the use of the term in the government system and especially concerning local governance, among others:
1. Kewedanaan. After the transfer kadaulatan from the colonizers to the Government of Indonesia, the term in government administrative areas that became part of the working area of the district, altered and adapted to the conditions prevailing in the area of governance with kewedanaan term, this change also occurred on the Upper Barito Distict Puruk Cahu replaced with the term Kewedanaan Barito Hulu. Changes in the status of the Barito Hulu Distict be kewedanaan barito upstream has poured in the decision letter, provincial, regional head of the governor of Central Kalimantan number: 10/Pem.594 November 22, 1963 and besides that Wadena barito Hulu tasked become Deputy Head of Level II North barito and domicile in Puruk Cahu led by the Wedana sequentially, as follows: 1. Mutafa Idehan; 2. Donis Samad; 3. W. Coenraad; 4. Sjahrani Wahab; 5. Tundjung ago;
1. Administrative District Joyless Kingdom Further changes to the status of upstream barito kewedanaan into administrative districts and subsequently amended several times, but the change will not necessarily increase the status of this area, but only a change of name only Changes in the status of administrative districts Joyless Kingdom became Assistant Head of North Barito Raya Joyless region and change (removal) of North Barito region helper Regent Joyless Kingdom,
Working area of the Maid of North Barito Regent Joyless Raya region includes 5 (five), the District is as follows: 1. Sub Joyless capital Puruk Cahu 2. Sub Soil Siang capital Saripoi 3. Kecamatan Muara Laung Laung Tuhup capital 4. Intan Permata Sub capital tumbles Lahung 5. Sub Source Barito kunyi Ibukotny tumbles

Joyless community desire to improve the status of Great Britain for an advanced Joyless a district has been made since the change of status from the district of Barito Kewedanaan barito upstream into the upstream, where the citizens are expecting changes in the status of efforts to increase the status of Joyless Kingdom, but reality says another. So what is the expectation at that time still has not produced results.
Begita also with changes in Hulu Barito District stauts be kewedanaan barito upstream. As stated in the Decree of Governor of Central Kalimantan Tingakt First Number: 10 / Pem. 594 dated November 22, 1963, Joyless citizens Kingdom expecting these changes to increase the status of Joyless Kingdom, but it was only a change of course that does not have authority district level.
Furthermore, on change of status kewedanaan barito upstream into the preparation area Tingakt II Administrative Barito Hulu, according to SK. Head of the Provincial Governor of Central Kalimantan No. 3/Pem.190-C-2-3 dated 1 March 1964 and change the status of Region II Preparation Tingakt Barito Hulu into office Forming Regional Level II Joyless Kingdom in accordance with the Decree of Head of the Provincial Governor of Central Kalimantan No. 17/Pem.1124-C-2-3 October 10, 1964, and change the status of the Regional Office Preparation Forming Tingakt II Murugn Kingdom menajdi Kabuapten Kingdom based SK Joyless Administrative Head of the Provincial Governor of Central Kalimantan, No. 6 / Pem.290-C-2 -4 dated 24 April 1965
Change of Status Administrative District Joyless Kingdom became the Assistant Head of North Barito Raya Joyless, Joyless Kingdom does not mean the status rises, but merely a change or a change of course and even the most miserable circumstances in the early enactment of the law No. 22 of 1999 on Regional Government, where Maid of Regent and Vice Regent of the exclusion region to region Joyless North Barito Raya has been abolished and government affairs, community development and handled by the District Joyless including personnel employees.
Therefore, and feel that Joyless Kingdom based on the results of the assessment community leaders Joyless Kingdom in terms of land area, natural resources and human potential Puruk Cahu considered quite capable when upgraded menajdi a definitive district, then on October 16, 1999 at the initiative and thought leaders and community members Murugn Kingdom in Puruk Cahu meeting to form a committee or team, named "District Formation Committee Joyless Kingdom"
Committee on District formation in Puruk Cahu Joyless Kingdom has a network and members in different cities and surrounding areas in addition to Joyless Kingdom, among others, in Jakarta, Banjarmasin and Palangkaraya in Muara Teweh.
Committees and community struggles Joyless Raya bebragai received positive response from among the community, North Barito district as district Parent, Central Kalimantan province and the Central Government, so that on 2 July 2002 Murugn Kingdom inaugurated a definitive District in accordance with Law No. 05 of 2002 based on the decision of the Minister of Home Affairs No. 131.42-188 2002 May 16, 2002 neighbor lifted and inducted Drs. H Romansyah Chart as Acting Regent Joyless Kingdom on July 8, 2002 with duties include mempersiapakn legislature and formed Department, Agency and Government Office in Puruk Cahu.
After formation of members of the Legislative District Joyless Raya then members of the board on June 18, 2003 hold an election of Regent and Vice Regent Joyless Kingdom and the election of Ir Willy F Joseph and Drs. Abdul Talib as Regent and Vice Regent Joyless Kingdom for the Period 2003 - 2008 of his inauguration on July 21, 2003 by Governor of Central Kalimantan Province in Palangkaraya
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